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Sunday, 1 May 2011

UFOs, Maude and Buck Mills!

Veteran UFO researcher David Sankey looks out over the field nominated by Larry Warren at Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, as being the location the UFO landed in. It is still the subject of much controversy 30 years later. Over the years we have spoken to many of the participants who were involved in this incident. We have no fixed opinions on what it was that landed there, but it is marvellous story! Is there any connection with weird figures (photographed) seen moving around the forest to this present day and orbs seen with the naked eye? This negates the suggestion that they are digital camera effects. We have seen orbs first and then photographed them. We have experienced the fall of stones in the forest and seen some amazing photos - but is there a connection with the 1980 incident? We are currently compiling our Rendlesham folder, so if there is anyone out there who has reports from the forest of sightings of UFOs around the Suffolk area, please contact us....

MAUDE a life-long member (posthumous) of the Haunted Skies team.

Those of you that have read Haunted Skies volumes 1 and 2, will have seen the black and white photograph of Maude at the beginning of each book. Many will question (probably our sanity) why on earth we have included dog photographs in a book about UFOs. The answer is because we love (not loved in the past tense) our very special dog who passed away nearly two years ago.

She was not a big dog but gigantic in our hearts and a constant companion to us.

My burden of guilt
I spent far too much time on the computer writing up the various volumes of Haunted Skies - valuable time which should have been spent on taking her out for walks. That's my burden of guilt, and the least I can do is include her in each and every volume. If it was up to me I would include her photo on the back of the book, but Jon has vetoed this!

So here is an opportunity to see the wonderful Maude in colour!

Bucks Mill, Devon

Our final picture was taken a few weeks ago at Bucks Mills, Bideford, Devon, which is a small village within the parish of Woolfardisworthy. It has a delightful stream, which runs through the village powering at least one mill. There are no facilities near or close to the beach such as tacky shops and pubs etc, but it does boast one amenity, which costs nowt! An excellent shower (this is not the author but an unknown gentleman)

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  1. Maude looks so lovely John and why not include her in a book about UFOs, if I wrote a book my budgies would be mentioned in each volume thats all 30 that I have owned over the years lol!!