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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Summer, strange stone, UFOs? and naughty dog!

Saturday What a cracking day that was beautiful blue sky with clouds slowly drifting across The sort of day I always imagine as a backclothe to the Battle of Britain when Spitfies roared overhead chasing Germain bombers during that hot spell in 1940 aka the Battle of Britain headed by Lord Dowding who had his own interest in both spiritual and UFO matters.

Don Ramkin telephoned me yesterday about his forthcoming viist to Rendelsham Forest accompanied by his friend Andre and her husband, Andre (AKA Andy) She has been researching into the events that took place at Rendlesham Forest all those years ago, and has an intelligent and enquiring mind, I think she will do well in hopefully unravelling some of the secrets surrounding this incident. I hope that she experiences a fall of stones in the forest which has happened to me and Dawn on a number of occasions.Good hunting to both of you!

Bob Tibbitts also contacted me he photographed some things in the sky yesterday,birds,insects UFOs. who knows......

Email From Bob Tibbitts
"I was sitting outside on 23-4-11 in the (rare) sunshine! There was a lovely display of the sun behind a cloud giving off 'rays' which I thought I would snap.Got the camera (digital Pentax OptioS 5i set at highest pixel setting) and took some shots of the clouds. Today I transferred them onto the Mac. Looking at them I noticed a black object. Now, remember me saying that I saw something black and travelling against the wind a few days ago? I didn't have time to get camera that time.I think there may be two similar objects in the sky during the time I took those photos.. must have been all taken within a minute or so (I didn't want to loose the shot of the sun's rays)."I attach some of the pics. The other in the sequence were of the cloud zoomed in and so didn't see the part of the sky that the black things were in.I wasn't aware of anything in the sky at the time, not even large birds. No loud sounds either. Just a little wind and noise from the A45. However, there is something there. Take a look.I have circled them in the photos using Photoshop but other than making the pics a little smaller (to email) I haven't done a thing to them.In some pics (if you follow the number sequence of the images) there are two objects.Bob

We have been getting night time visits from a ginger tom cat who has been purrloining Breeze's food, whata wimp that cat is! Abbey came to say with us last night and slept next to Breeze. In the morning the cat had struck again and Abbey had not done a thing to stop it! naughty dog.

Ive more or less completed the tasks that the Publisher has set us for Volume 3 . A copy of Volume 1 and 2 having been sent to Buckingham Palace for the attention of the Duke of Edinburgh. I was recently speaking to Geoff Ambler from Contact UK he told me that he had a book written by Lord Clancarty which was signed 'Philip' yes it was his Royal Highness. Finally can anyone read Japanese please I have two magazine covers with japanes writing on them. I did email 'Toshie' a contact of Peter Robins but not heard any more........................Could always try the Japanese Embassy
I suppose, suffice to say did not manage to contact any UFO group in Japan, perhaps they have their hand busy at the moment!

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