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Thursday, 19 May 2011

UFO lecture 10th September 2011

Back row from left to right ?? Gordon Creighton and his wife, Tim Good and Ralph Noyes
? ? and Dot Street

This has been a trying day with tow bar being fitted for our future excursion to sunny Devon.
The tow bar is fine, not so the rear exhaust box which fell off or at least rotted off. More expense! Brenda Butler rang me and is hoping that 'Chuck Halt' can come over, but I cant see he is a busy man.

Still no joy with securing the attention of an National newspaper so I've had to resort to go begging to some of my old press contacts hoping that they might be able to help. So far 50 emails and 20 letters but not a proverbial sausage - maybe therE are 'elements' working againt us. But as my old Sunday school teacher used to say Don't let the *astards break you down!

I'm still busy putting the images together for the forthcoming Weird Weekend in August offering a sort of potted history of British UFO sightings, which will include some of Dave Sankey's wonderful images in colour .

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