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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Out-take from Volume 3

On 26th March 2011, John received a telephone call from Richard Lawrence. During a subsequent conversation about various matters discussed, John expressed his frustration that they had heard nothing from the Daily Star, who had promised to review Volumes 1 and 2 of Haunted Skies, some weeks ago. This would have been the first time a national newspaper had agreed to publicize a review of our books, after they had been sent by recorded delivery to reporter Gemma Wheatley of that newspaper, who had contacted us personally.

Richard dashed our euphoria and brought us back down to earth!

“The Daily Express bought the rights to my last book; they paid the publisher, but
it’s not been published…. that was last September.”

Would fate decree that by the time this 3rd book was published, the Daily Star would have published an article about Haunted Skies, or not? …Time will tell!

We discussed the events of the 1970s, which included Richard’s own UFO sighting, and referred him to the article published in Earthlink, by Dan Goring. He continued:

“I remember tangling a lot around the 1970s. We used to get
heckled by the audience in those days. Things have changed since then.”

We spoke about things in general that had nothing to do with UFOs, and Richard promised to let mehave an extract from his book relating to his own UFO sighting, in due course.

Richard made reference to his latest book,

“A lot of people don’t agree, but then I don’t ask them to agree. I’m not
out to convert anybody. The Aetherius Society is not a one and only
evangelical-type organisation. We have our beliefs. We wish to share

I have to say that I enjoyed my conversation with Richard Lawrence and found him well spoken with a pleasant manner, as opposed to my own misconceived hypothesis based on ignorance and snap judgments about the Aetherius Society. This was not a crackpot organisation. Admittedly, I had no personal intentions of furthering my knowledge of the Society but suspected, contrary to our earlier reservations, that there may well be much to learn from their teachings, taking into consideration my own beliefs with regard to the teachings of Trevor J. Constable, a man whom we have admired for a number of years.

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