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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Good and bad news

I received a copy of UFO Matrix today and was pleased with the review that was given to Volume 2.

However, Steve my son in law went home tonight and found his snake had passed away, it was 15 years old and he was quite upset. Personally I have never been an admirer of snakes, but I felt for Steve, The Snake was buried tonight in their rear garden and prayers said, which is how it always should be. At the moment I am busy trying to sort out some captions for Volume 3 which now covers only two years! But I'm getting there, and hope to include some short interviews from the Astronauts care of my friend David Bryant. So overall I am pleased at the way in which it is going. Today we had quite a storm and plenty of hailstones.

What happened to that beautiful summer we had a few weeks ago? Will this year be a repeat of the last two years cracking good weather in May and crud in July?
Spoke to Kevin Pratt today he has been a very good friend over the years. His UFO sighting will be covered in Volume 3.

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