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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Spiderman the little super heroes!

A few days ago I happened to notice what appeared to be a clump of green mould on the side of the green waste bin. Further examination revealed it was a group of baby spiders. The next day the little group had formed into a tight knit group. But why had they done this? For what purpose? Were they cold?

If so what intelligence dictated this course of action? I must admit to beign both puzzled and enthralled to realise there had to be a purpose behind this action. I carefull monitured their progress overa few days period until today - Wednesday - when they had all gone on their seperate ways,to start life afresh! This was a welcome break from the rigours of preparing Volume 3 of Haunted Skies, which is nearing completion.

Talking about supeheros! Emailed Nick Redfern last night about various' bits and bobs' he sent me a photo of a good friend of ours Kevin Goodman who although living in Stourbridge West Midlands is as keen as event to record for posterity the events that took place around Warminster in the 1960/1970's. Of which he has written his own book.

Kevin will be gracing our presence with a talk at the Weird Weekend. Look forward to it, regards to you all out there please let me have your opinions on the 'baby spiders'


  1. fasinating John, apparently its to keep warm and for protection and for survival
    "They huddle together to keep warm after they exit the egg sac. Leaving the egg sac is a huge temperature change for them (like leaving a sleeping bag) and they stick together for the first few days (sometimes even a week) in order to keep warm and protected from the wind/rain" thats a quote from a nature sight!

  2. Thanks for replying..... I sometimes think of them and wonder where have they all gone.Starting a new life somwhere not to far away, how many of them made it and how many will survive to lay their own eggs! WE know so little about our everyday existence, and dont have time in our busy lives to even contemplate the myriads of other littkle worlds around us!