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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

From the archives of Haunted Skies.UFO 1983

Mrs. Barbara Hanhart, from Wallasley, Merseyside, wrote to VeteranResearcher - Brenda Butler, about what she witnessed, at 9.30 am.31st May, 1983.(Brenda on the left Dot street on the right with Larry Warren in the middle taken last year (orbs optional extra!)

‘Dear Sir/Madam,The front page story on the ‘News of the World’, this week, gave me a feeling of contentment. So many stories are heard about UFOs but nobody in Authority, namely Defence establishments, seem willingto admit they are around.

I was never really convinced either way about them, and admit to being rather sceptical about people’s claims to them. I had just fedmy cat on that beautiful sunny morning and was outside, putting an empty tin in the bin, when out of habit, I looked up at the gutteringof the house, as the birds had been using the loft for breeding,when I noticed a mirror type reflection from the TV aerial, and stepped back to see what it was, and saw what looked like a small sun, spinning on the spot.

I gazed, fascinated, but without thought of what it could be. Suddenly, the object must have changed position, as it wasn’t catching the sunany more - just standing still over the roof of my house. I shouted out,What the bloody hell? It’s a flying saucer!’ It was in two parts a circular top, three supporting legs, and a circular base. The outsideof the object was metallic; I estimated it was about the height ofan aircraft in the blue sky. After about ten seconds, it lifted andmoved into a small patch of puffy cloud’s commercial aircraft thencrossed its path diagonally. I’m sure the Pilot must have seen it.

When the plane had passed, the object slowly passed over my roofinto a little heavier cloud and I lost sight of it. I told my husband and others what I had seen. They laughed at me and suggested I must have been seeing things. Some months later, I happenedto mention what had taken place to my elderly neighbour. His face went pale and he told me he had seen somethingsimilar, which he took to be the moon, until it started changing colour.”

Current News and snippets of interest from Dawn Holloway

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