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Thursday, 5 May 2011

I've been given a dressing down!

On the home front, Dawn has given me a ticking off as I published a photo of the rear garden replete with her sacred dressing gown. I shall make amends and submit fortwith a suitable photo (it could have been worse, I suppose) minus any articles of clothing that may offend the younger readers of this blog.
So I shall make amends and include a photograph of the garden, which is Dawn's personal pride, and introduce the readers to one of Dawn's poems!

AGE by Dawn Holloway

Don't get older, stay young and free,
Age brings on ailments that you don't always see.
Glasses are needed and pills are a pest,
when your competing with young ones and trying your best.

Your hair turns to silver and your skin starts to sag,
Just like the crease folds that show on your bag.
The memory is jaded but the soul's wild and free,
but now you can only get up with one knee!

Oh how I yearn for those days of my youth,
you could always dress slovenly or slightly uncouth,
But now that I'm older it would seem not quite right
to go out with short skirts or blouses too tight!

I remember the days when the bus fares were cheap,
You could go down to Brighton for a day or a week.
But now you need mortgages to save for the fare,
You can go abroad cheaper with spending money to spare.


I guess my suitcase has gone astray
in a distant land, to my dismay.
Packed, waiting to be picked-up,
but not by me ....... Just my luck!

It's probably sitting amongst a crowd
of 'hard case' luggage that's standing proud,
but in which country will it be?
It could end up in Germany!

Two weeks now and still no news.
It's probably seeing distant views
of far off places like Hong Kong,
or even down the 'Billabong'!

So many trips it may have had.
I hope they are not all that bad.
A change of clothes in far off lands,
being scrutinized by stranger's hands!

However, despite these thoughts of wondrous places,
it may well be seeing the same 'old faces'
of luggage that was left last year,
still waiting at the side and rear.

So if you see my good 'old faithful',
tell the baggage handler I'd be grateful
if he would please return my friend to me,
to enhance a stressless life, with harmony.

Dawn Holloway, June 2007

1 comment:

  1. Now what's all this fuss
    And bother and muss
    When visitors come a-visiting us?

    They mean us no harm---they swear that is true
    That's what they told me---now I'm telling YOU
    So lay off the brou-ha-ha and to-do!

    Just pay no attention as they slowly drift by
    In their brightly-lit craft that float more than fly
    And don't worry at all 'bout that haunted night sky.