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Sunday, 15 May 2011


Isle of Wight couple Angela L. Cotton and her boyfriend (at the time) John were sitting in a car on the Blackgang side of the Landslip car park, at 9.30pm on 20th July 1966. Angela sensed something, or someone, was close to them. Looking out of the window they saw a yellow glow, over towards the hills, blocking their view of the sea.

Curious, they wound down the windows and were almost immediately aware of a vibrating sound, apparently coming from the same direction where the glow was situated. John decided they should return home and they set off along the country lane, about a quarter of the way along before joining the main road.

Angela told us:

“Suddenly, John doubled over the steering wheel, clutching his stomach. He gripped his right arm on the inside of the elbow joint and his foot began to slip off the accelerator. His face went white; almost blue.

I told him to put his foot back and I would steer the car to the main road, which I did. After arriving home, John told me he felt as if his stomach had been gripped in a vice, and rolled up his right sleeve.

On the inside of the elbow joint, there was a mark, like a bruise, about the size of a penny, showing numerous holes, like the punctures made by a test vaccine. The next day, he told he had similar marks on his stomach. By the weekend, these marks had gone.”

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