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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Haunted Skies update

Good news for the publisher who has promised to 'tweak' the Haunted skies website,which will be up and running soon, the domain name is now our Haunted and Haunted my other email address will be

Am hard at it today preparing the Lecture images for the Weird Weekend and the lecture at Pontefract in September 2011 for Philip Mantle at the Matrix Conference, biggest single problem is trying to keep it down to an hour, far to much material! Also trying to sort out the Volume 4 script which will be needed soon. Did everyone see that rubbish in the Sun about a Royal Navy engagement with USO's off Puffin Island and that one of the UFO's crash landed at the Berwyn Mountains! Im not going to discuss this matter any further!
other than to say for gods sake if these ET's can dvelope the technology to cross the vast distances in space to get here why cant they land the last few feet! ( even we can do that)

In addition to this why are they always driven away on flat bed trucks why not a coach! I hope I dont sound to flippant but Im sick of this silliness! The flying saucer season is upon us!

The image above was recovered by a lady that used to run a UFO group in London (from the nasal cavity) some years ago she was followed by the MOD! on a number of occcasions and her post was tampered with, more on this in a future Volume, but we are that UFOs do not exist! I sent this to Derel Simms he sent me some stickers
'say No to aliens'

Its a weird wacky world! Crop marks are from field Withy Lane, Sutton Coldfield 1997

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