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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

David Bryant Nick Pope and structures on the Moon

This is Mason basking in the sea duringa viist to see Brenda Butler. Sadly Mason died at an early age- but he was a sweet dog
These are from the material collected by Stratford upon Avon UFO rsearcher John'Dennis'Llewllyn whom we had the pleasure of meeting some years ago. They show what appears to be a structure on the Moon, natural or otherwise...who knows but there are no doubt some that do....

Spacerocks UK',

I wanted to introduce a charming man, a man of science whose knowledge of the Cosmos, the Astronauts and UFOs is as phenomenal as the man himself, -retired Helicopter Pilot David Bryant. Who is a believer in UFOs having witnessed an example of their activity in 1974 David sells some beautiful highly unusual jewelry on his website, and is much south after for his most excellent lectures. (David shown heresecond right with the frizzy hair talking to Peter Parish who is a friend of Brenda Butler, at Woodbridge Community Hall last year

He has been very supportive of the Haunted Skies Projects and is now with wife Linda is considered by us to be staunch friends Ra
Radio Shropshire broadcast on Sunday night with Nick Pope and I listened to this on Monday night and were pleased that Keith Middleton the presenter brought Nick’s attention to our work. Keith referred to an email I sent him months ago relating to my wish to talk on the Radio Station, which unfortunately never happened due to technical problems. You can imagine I was indeed looking forwards to talking on the show again, after being told by Sue Jamesfrom their network, I would have the opportunity when Nick next came on. Once again this never happened nobody contacted me and asked if I wanted to speak about the UFO subject and Haunted Skies. I have emailed Keith Middleton and asked him if I could have the opportunity of talking asap, as I would like to be able to speak.Ironically I was inudated with requests to talk on the radio stations prior to any books being published! Let’s see if he replies I am sure he will…

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