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Monday, 16 May 2011

Bunnies,Superwoman,Bananaman, Nigel and UFOs

Well this has been a strange weekend. Dawn found a wee rabbit in the garden and took it over to the nearby park, as Breeze our cat wanted to play with it! Went to my daughters fancy dressparty on Saturday night, here are some pictures of the 'inmates' they included Derek a sweet dog that belongs to Chris( Admiral Hornblower) My daughter is superwoman and no thats not me standing enxt to her! I went as a MIB!

Dear Nigel,

I tried to answer your message that you left me, told the service was unavaialable, more gremlins in the system, so have included letter sent to Janes Police Review today who has decided not to review the two books (free) I sent to him, another load of cash down the swani! But the more they snub me the harder I try! the publication of the books is the way to stick it up em!

Haunted Skies – the real truths behind sightings of UFOs

Dear Sir,

May I take this opportunity to tell the readers about a unique collection of books which catalogue chronologically reports of British UFO sightings going back to the 1940’s produced by myself and partner Dawn Holloway which have received some excellent reviews on the Internet (Haunted Skies 1 1940-1959) Haunted Skies 2 (1960-1965) on sale on line at Amazon.

As a retired CID Officer from the West Midlands Police, I had not the slightest inkling that such objects existed until my son Christopher a P.C from Belgrave Road Birmingham (now a Detective Inspector)contacted me, in January 1995.

Chris: As a result of several 999 calls made to the Police we attended the scene. After interviewing a witness we drove around the area and saw a massive saucer shaped object with a thin rippling red line running through it surrounded by a blue haze, over Stirchley two miles away from where a Doctor had reported seeing it

This was to trigger off an insatiable curiosity to find out for myself whether UFOs existed. Prior to then, I had not the slightest interest and if it hadn’t been Chris I would have questioned the state of their mental health! Over the years I was to receive many reports from Police Officers.

So we decided to write up their experiences believing that it now forms part of our social history, and have condensed them into eleven Volumes! believing that the Public should have the opportunity to see for themselves the real truths which lie behind such reports rather than basing their beliefs on sensationalised UFO stories which continue to be published by the tabloids right up top the present day. We are always wishing to hear from any Officer about their experiences or sightings

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