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Saturday, 14 May 2011

'President' Lionel Beer of BUFORA

On Thursday we had the pleasure of meeting Lionel Beer of Space Link books (again) this time he came to the house to collect four copies of Volume 2.

We were astounded to discover through conversation that he had been present during the famous debate on UFOs at the House of Lords when Brinsley le Poer Trench (Lord Clancarty) made his historic speech, although of course questions about UFO sightings and Government investigations had been asked in the House of Commons as early as 1953, but the motion Clancarty intended to present in the Upper Chamber was unique in being the first – and last – full debate on UFOs held in the British Parliament.

Lord Clancarty was introduced to UFOs by fellow aristocrat Desmond Leslie via his 1953 best-seller with George Adamski, Flying Saucers Have Landed. Two years later he helped to found the magazine Flying Saucer Review which he edited from 1956-59 before setting up his own organisation Contact UK and wrote seven books on UFOs.

Lionel has been very helpful to the authors and has supplied some rare photographs of UFO researchers to us over the years. He is a credit to the BUFORA organisation and was recntly honoured for his life long commitment to the UFO cause.He is a very nice man and is a pleasure to talk to, the photographs shows him and Joy on the left with Dawn on the right. Well done Lionel Beer!

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