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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ian Payne UFO sighted in 1996-and chit chat

Ian Payne thankyou

Another contributor to the Haunted Skies series is Ian Payne who it appears is a bit of celebrity in the Shropshire area. Ian is very enthusiastic about the UFO subject and joins that exclusive small circle of people, who have witnessed for themselves first hand something inexplicable in our sky.

In 1996 as he and his wife approached the motorway junction with High Wycombe in the Beaconsfield area, they sighted a very peculiar object in the sky. We shall ask Ian if he would like us to show the image in our blog.

We should have endorsed yesterdays blog with a thank you to Ian for informing us of the talk given on Radio Shropshire by Nick Pope, which we have listened to. Yesterday I rang Sue James the Producer at BBC Radio Shropshire and enquired about being given the chance of talking about our books and our aims. She told me that the Studio would be giving me an opportunity to talk in 6 months time, which seems unfair, but thats life! One thing is assured the Media do not appear to want to give us publicity on the production of the books, that seems fairly obvious understanding our lack of success. But we will not be put off by this, these books will stand the test of time, they have been judged as par excellence by many people and we could not ask for better reviews. So we shall 'keep on' which was the motto for HMS Kelly and their fine crew always remembered. Ironically when I met Lord Louis and Prince Charles all those years ago, I had not the slightest inkling that Lord Louis was interested in UFOs at all! Hi to David and Linda Bryant who are off to Rendlesham Forest this Thurdsay please send us any photos you take on anomolous objects! the Place is teeming with them. Say Hi to Brenda.

1 comment:

  1. Is it possible to approach the Sun or News of the World? The Sun in particular reaches a ridiculously large audience and might be open to the notion.

    Maybe try emailing a document with clippings of a recent incident and perhaps one representing more of a classic (Topcliffe?). Naturally, any recent cases would have to have an unusual spin on them to separate them from the standard 'lights in sky' reports. 'Dudley housewife zapped by UFO!'

    One more idea is one you or Jon Downes may well have tried already...have you thought of asking Nick Redfern? He seems to know the system inside and out and knows how to network.

    Good luck regardless.