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Friday, 8 July 2011

The Village Magazine

I enclose a copy of the Forest eye production sent by Brenda Butler re the forthcoming
talk at Woodbridge.....I see that from the dizzy heights of the BUFORA Poster I am on the bottom of the magazine. Which is odd as I didnt want to talk. Maybe the man with the spaniel dog will be attending again. Ive never seen a dog at a UFO conference before it must be a first!Village Magazine, which is OK as it does no doubt help the sale of the books( it is also on line) but its still a shade of 'tongue in cheek' for my liking it demeans the subject. I have yet to find a journalist who has printed anything sensible about UFOs,and dont trust any of them. Unfortunatly they are a necessary evil!

I enjoyed the chat on the Kate Valentine show. The hour talk went quick.
Jools liked the podcast. I hope the Americans understand the 'Brits' sense of humour.
I am hoping to finish Volume 3 next week . As I realy want to make a start on Volume 4
apart from that I would like another letter from the secretary of Prince Philip, which was promised me for sending them Volume 2. We shall see..........You might think at 90 he would break protocol and pop in for a cuppa and have a look round....imagination is starting to run away with itself..... I wont even tell you who the photo is at the top left, I wish them the best of luck in their marriage. Live long and prosper!


  1. Good to see John & Dawn at long last finally getting at least SOME recognition for their years of research by a paper - pity the big boys in the nationals are too cowardly or too sceptical to do the same. Bit naughty of Brenda to put John forward as a guest speaker - bet you did'nt see that one coming mate lol .

  2. What annoys me about the papers is when you write to them they can't even be bothered to acknowledge your email/letter. Just ignorant and a waste of space the lot of them!