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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Haunted skies the blog

Not a great deal to write about today, I phoned Don Ramkin and had a chat with him, I also spoke to Matt Lyons about his forthcoming visit to Woodbridge Community Hall on the 10th of September 2011, to take part in an 'Evening of presentations and discussion promoting 'British UFO free speech for All' . I will of course be going as I am a guest speaker( press ganged rather than a volunteer!) Still its a good place to meet up with old friends, and I shall look forward to speaking to Dot Street who is aparently also going, and of course Brenda Butler. If any one wants a ticket they can contact Mr 'Gordy' Goodger on 01473 423143. £10 per ticket.

January 1995

Paul Pittock was driving from Woodbridge to Melton, Suffolk, one evening in January 1995, when he saw a bright light hovering in the sky above the now closed RAF Woodbridge/Bentwaters Air base. Curious he stopped the car by the side of the road and watched with surprise as the ‘light’ began to move from side to side in the sky. Rushing home he picked up his telescopic sight and accompanied by neighbour Richard Warnock drove back to the airbase just in time to see whatever it was drop down towards the flight line and disappear.As we stood by the entrance gate to the base, wondering what was going one, over thirty Military Vehicles drove up, they included a military ambulance and a larger white vehicle covered in aerials, after unlocking the gate drive then drove onto the Bent water’s airbase closed some 16months ago.

With tyres screaming and lights flashing the vehicles drove around the air base pointing searchlights into the sky as if looking for something there were even helicopters hovering overhead.We saw an orange red glow emanating from the flight line, then a glowing triangular shaped appeared, it had a distinct outline and could be seen clearing the slope, it stayed for a while and then left”(Source :personal interview )

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