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Friday, 22 July 2011

Haunted Skies the blog

First of all may I say Hi to Alfred Miller, for his support regarding his knowledge of the now defunct Tyneside based UFO group TUFOS who produced a magazine called ORBIT
Alf has sent me his scrap book which contains many intersting newspaper cuttings, some of them will be used in Volume 4, thanks very much Alf ..............Your photo is in Volume 3 by the way.....
Volume 3 is now down to 25 mistakes. so as soon as I complete, I will upload the blog with Volume 3 cover, so you can see it for yourself in advance of any publication.
There is still no sign of who is replacing Phil Mantle's job as editor whoever it is I wish them the best of luck...Haunted Skies is a (nice) headache to produce but editing Matrix that is one heck of a responsibilty.

I am intrigued by the chalk man drawings which are currently on the internet, these are flat pictures but are three dimensional in image. I have selected them to show you they are so good.(as shown at the top Nick is of course no hologram!)

UFO over Wigan

Harold Hill a long standing member of the British Astronomical Association wrote to us with an account of what he saw while looking through his telescope at 6pm 8th of March 1987.I was surprised to see what appeared to be a stellar object north preceding the Moon by some degrees and thought it was a high flying aircraft reflecting the suns rays until I noticed it was showing regular fluctuations in brightness.

Looking through the telescope an 8 and a half inch Schmidt reflector, I was unprepared for the image under the magnification of x245 which is the power I normally use for the Moon It consisted of a bright central object on each side of which were irregular shaped sails or vanes, similar to solar panel appendages seen on our spacecraft, except whereas in the latter these are well defined rectangles, these 'sails' were constantly changing shape in a totally unpredictable manner, likened to a yacht sail which had broken lose and was flapping in the wind being attached to the principal object by slender filaments of lesser brightness.

The observations made carried out by Mr. Hill a man with a professional and scientific background painstakingly recorded in his detailed report, between 0604 and 0616 describes an object moving in an erratic approximated SSE position across the sky, before being lost from view as it entered the Earths shadow a sighting which would not have been seen with the naked eye.

Ha Harold accepts he sought a rational and logical explanation for what he saw, such as a collapsed large balloon satellite of the 'Echo' type tumbling over and over in the sky, but felt this would not have explained the change of direction at least twice during the general drift of the object.

Harold sent a full report to the Astronomer Magazine who published the article as a result of which he was contacted by a reader from Lancashire who confirmed from his research into the time and date given there were no spacecraft or other such objects in the sky which could have explained away what was seen, but did suggest one possible explanation' a flock of several migrating geese flying from Martine Mere west of Denwortham, to the South of England,- an attractive hypothesis according to Harold, who firmly rejected this as the answer!

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