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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

At long last the website is up and running! ....thanks to Jon Downes and his CFZ Zooligical Director Graham,Inglis who is shown here looking out onto some wasteland with a fixed eye wating for a boggart or some other such creature to rise up and acost him....(lol) no offence meant or taken I hope!
(A boggart is a fae creature, in English folklore, known for its relentless mischief. It is part of a collection of 'bugbear' type spirits)

At the moment I am proofing the Third Volume as I want to start on the next Volume.
I have done the credits and copyright and am hoping that the Kelly Photo ( the second we are using) is not contained within the library of the Associated Press if so its another £70 to use but what the hell its the least I can do for my ex father in law who shot down a stuka in 1943 before the ship HMS KELLY went down!

UFO over Abingdon 1986

On a visit to the Barge Pub in Honey Street, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, the focal point of public interest during the mid 1990’s, after a number of crop circles were found in the local area we became acquainted with Vince who was responsible for painting the magnificent ceiling inside the bar which overlooked the bedecked wall

Vince told us about a UFO captured on film by Abingdon man Maurice Ridgley, in 1986 who we managed to eventually trace, in 1998. Maurice,

It was a Saturday morning in June or July 1986, my son Jeremy and I were in the garden which backs onto the Thames, when we noticed a strange object in the sky, it looked like a giant upside down Volkswagen beetle I shouted for my wife to come out and have a look, then ran into the house and picked up my JVC Video camera and took a short of clip of film lasting a minute before is suddenly accelerated upwards into the sky”

Mr. Ridgley contacted RAF Benson immediately after the sighting and was told nothing untoward had shown on the Station radar.He then telephoned Central TV (then based in Oxford) who sent a reporter around to the house to interview the family and left promising to get back in touch, rather oddly he never heard of again, nor was any publicity ever given to this incident

We contacted Central TV hoping to obtain a copy of the film, and were told they had no knowledge of any such incident or anybody that had been to see him from their office.

After viewing the film we felt it should be examined by someone with specialized equipment and contacted Mr. Ashley Windsor of Mask Technology Newbury Berkshire who agreed to examine it free of charge, (unfortunately owing to demands of other clients namely the BBC and the CPS, the examination wasn’t carried out for at least 18 months) a matter for which he apologised for and suggested ‘it could have been a parcel net of black balloons, ‘an explanation firmly rejected by Maurice and his son. “It had two what looked like swiveling gantries we watched it for about 10-12minutes, if it had been balloons why didn’t if move about in the sky. It was following what appeared to be a straight course across the sky not forgetting the way it shot straight up into the sky; I don’t believe it was balloons’

Was it a parcel net of black balloons? Having watched the film many times over we felt this was not likely to be the explanation, not forgetting something was seen to drop downwards at some speed from the object and plummet into the River Thames.

Finally this is a photo of Dawn taken at Las Vegas during a visit there a few years ago.

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