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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Boots, blog, anomalies photo and sighting 1980

Just heard that a pair of £45 boots required fora soldier in Northern Ireland, cost £ 751!!
to send by courier, what the hell is the MOD up to? How many other pairs of boots and essential equipment have been sent at the taxpayers expense? This was raisde at Question time with David Cameron. If I was the PM I would demand to see just how much the MOD have been spending on items like this. This is scandalous, they want to prune the Public sector but brush things like this under the carpet.

From Dawn- another interesting item of news about the imprint left by an owl on a window
She also found a link to an article about links to UFO activity with Nuclear Power Stations
I belive this is the work of Robert Hastings who wrote a book recently. I have to say that I
could also write a book on UFOs and their interaction with cars, or UFOs and power station chimneys, or UFOs and rivers.....etc etc....

I emailed the Daily Mail asking them if they may be willing to review Haunted Skies but dont hold out much hope, they continue to ignore our day they will want us and if they do I shall be more than willing to tell them UFO! ( I can already here my Publisher Jon Downes saying soothing words, dont be naughty John!

From Mark Brinkerhoff in New York who is known to us here are a few links including film shot by him.....

When you get a chance, please check out my new blog at

It's a forum for Contactees, Extraterrestrials and anyone who is genuinely curious. We just posted it yesterday, so not much there yet. It's not too fancy and is a work in progress.Have a wonderful and blessed day ~ Peace & Light,Marc

A photo from Brenda Butler showing the many strange things she has captured on camera both 35mm and digital over the years.....

Underneath a UFO

In November 1980, Mr. & Mrs. Jones were driving home, towards Southend-on-Sea, Essex, along the A127, close to the Brentwood turn-off, when they became aware of a bright ‘light’ in the sky above them. As they turned off they noticed a number of cars parked at the side of the road, with a large group of people gazing upwards into the sky. Mr Jones: “We decided to stop as well, because the ‘light’ was now hovering about a thousand feet off the ground, approximately a quarter of a mile away. After watching it for 30 minutes, or so, we decided to carry on our journey because the children were getting restless in the back. We drove towards the object and passed underneath it. I shouted at my wife to have a look, as I was concentrating on driving. She told me she could see lots of coloured lights inside a cigar shaped centre. We later stopped and rang 999. By the time we got back to our location, there was nothing else to see.” (Source: personal interview / Brenda Butler)

Another UFO report, a few weeks later, which took place at the same location, involving a motorist and his wife, who witnessed a gigantic glowing object, surrounded by an orange field hovering in the sky.

On this occasion, the object was seen to split into two - one part heading off towards the north, the other took up a position above the dual carriageway. The witness told of the “calm of the night being shattered by the arrival of two RAF Jet Fighters that shot across the sky, heading towards the UFOs, which moved away at tremendous speed, leaving the aircraft standing.”(Source: Brenda Butler / Ron West)

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