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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Breeze tries to read Haunted Skies

Spoke to Matt Lyons today he is Chairman of BUFORA and has promised to assist whatever way he can with any publicity with Haunted Skies The New York radio talk will now take place on the 8th of July at 6pm. Breeze was caught last night reading Haunted Skies but hasnt a clue what its all about. although there are no doubt some who know perfectly well what lies behind the UFO presence on this Planet. Spoke again to that charming David Bryant who has promised to write up a chapter about the Moon landings and UFOs. This will follow on from 1969, and will be contained in Volume 4 1968-1969-1970-1971-1972.
Her is a pic of Andy Roberts, and his partner, and one of Geff Falla(top left) you should know the difference! The other photo is David Sankey and his partner Erica Williams.
David has made the difference between geting the books published and not -a matter that
we both are very grateful, as I said at the conference a man who deals from the heart and not the pocket!
Here is a picture of the night sky beautiful and a fitting end to the Bufora Conference!

Close enounter Lancashire

At 3am. on the 14th January 1980, a truck driver was crossing over a railway bridge at Heald Moor, Lancashire, when he became aware of a loud humming sound. Seconds later, the headlights of his vehicle picked-up a strange shape on the road ahead, described as a large, dark, metallic object, showing three red ‘beams of light’ projecting from the top onto the ground.

” I recalled seeing several men moving around it, as if doing some type of task. As I came closer to the object, I realised it was a tortoise shaped ‘craft’, with a curved pipe on top, with two ‘figures’ that appeared to be inspecting the red beams.

Reducing my speed, I noticed one of the ‘figures’ wore a peaked cap and a dark two-piece uniform. His arms were at his side. The second ‘figure’ was wearing a one-piece suit, gray, or silver in colour, and he was stooping down looking at the object, as if inspecting it for damage.

As the motorist drove slowly away from the scene, his headlights suddenly cut off and he was forced to slam on the brakes - apparently then loosing consciousness. A sudden jolt woke him up and he realised the headlights were working again and the truck had moved about a quarter-of-a-mile further along the road.

When he arrived at his destination, he was stunned to find out he had lost more than three hours of time. (Source: Carl Nagaitis, Phillip Mantle, Without Consent)

Close Enc

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  1. Love the Pic of Breeze, all my Budgies try to do is chew it lol