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Monday, 25 July 2011

UFO cuttings & Dr Mary Lewis & butterflies

We had a welcome break on Sunday with a visit to my son Keith who lives at Belbroughton, a few miles from the Clent Hills.Keith's partner Mary a very pleasant and very intelligent woman who has just gained her Doctorate treated us to a glass of bubbly and a slice of her home made cake.So it was smiles all round and then a trip to the orchard. Here is one of their cats. from the Mainecoon family. And here is Mary now Dr Mary Lewis well done Mary! And here are the butterflies! What an excellent day.
Well at the moment we are fine tuning the end of the book and the index.........cant wait to upload the front cover of Volume 3. This should be early next week as I want to file everything relating up to 1967. Thanks everone or reading the blogs and supporting the
Haunted Skies Books.
Phone calls.....One from Brenda Butler justa general chit chat about rods and Orbs seen in the forest at Rendlesham, and Don Ramkin rang more chit chat about the Forest.


  1. Love the butterflies and the cat! Keiths lucky living by such a lovely place like clent, do they want a lodger? lol
    Just love all the cuttings on here just love your blog John!!

  2. But the difference is John that you actually look forward to hearing from me lol .
    The paranormal team im in have just done an investigation at Coalhouse Fort Essex which went well - I did trance for the 1st time but our next event is Tonbridge Castle
    Cant believe how fast my dove chicks are growing ! I been taking the bigger one out the cage for an hour a time so the smaller can get a feed but its amazed me by mimicking the adults & feeding itself despite it needing feeds from the adults but this is the 1st time BOTH chicks have survived so we're chuffed to bits.
    Will send you that email asap my friend