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Thursday, 7 July 2011

UFOS are plastic balloons,and Little green men!

Well we have had some good coverage in the monthly Alvechurch Village Magazine which is delivered free to 49000 homes around the South Worcester area and is on line out to the States. I must admit that I dont like the way in which it was written, typical tongue in cheek although its not to bad.I will scan it in for Friday. Dawn is my woman Friday!

Spoke to Mike a retired Police Officer again today,about his expereince in 1994 while out fishing at Wellingborough. He saw a saucer shaped object settle just above the water about 30feet away. The next thing he knew was that it had gone and the fresh maggots had pupated!! Worse was to follow after reporting it to the MOD he received some threatening telephone calls,and his wife was followed by a strange man. There is a lot more to this case...........

Just heard that the News of the World has folded last edition this Sunday!! serves them right!

Jools tells me that she is not waiting for an op - yet-oops sorry Jools.

I am still correcting Volume 3 PDF and hoping that my publisher and I can sup a small we dram of brandy soon following our next visit to him and his darling wife....... Just been reading about Appolo 1 when fire claimed the lives of three astronauts, really tearful Im hoping that Jon will include the reference for 1966 and 1967. Bravery beyond the call of dutysurely it should be the least we can to the States rescheduled for Friday at 6pm The above photograph shows the Jaroslaw brothers and their 'fake' UFO pic, I did send ten dollars to their Mum asking to be put in touch with them as I thought it might have been connected with a similar but genuine case of 1957(Bill Dillon) However one look at the crappy photo tells you it all was it a broomhead.....still my claim to fame is that I sent them money!! Or I should say I have entered into a line of communicationwith them regarding their UFO photograph that was incredibly believed genuine to begin with!

I often say to people that if UFOS could be explained away rationally, well if this was the case then I wouldnt even be doing this blog, the fact that I am................

1 comment:

  1. Just waiting to see a consultant John to see what they can do to help. But got a long wait till October.

    Glad the News of the World is gone, but someone said the sun would be out 7 days now, and I dont mean the sun in the sky!!!

    Great news about your village Mag shall go and find it online now and have a look!