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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Don/ Baby/Haunted Skies how many!

Dear Publisher, Don from Bexleyheath that ever vigilant eagle eyed follower of Haunted Skies tells me that the follower photographs have vanished from the blog?
We are up early as Dawn's daughter Marie had a baby boy at 12.45am this morning. We were rang at 5am so are up and having toast and tea to celebrate.
I rang my daughter Vicky at the Police Station where she works to tell her the good news, and hope that eventually when I will be using my escort turbo zimmer frame that she can take over the Haunted Skies books.........
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORINNA ! from the Monkey above
I believe that Volume 4 is only going to cover 1968-1969-1970-1971-1972....Volume 5 will be 1973- 76..
Volume 6 1977 Volume 7 1978-1979 Volume 8 1980 Volume 9 1981-1985 Volume 10 1986-1988 Volume 11 1990-1995 Volume 12 1996-1999 Volume 13 2000-2005 Volume 14 2006-2012. By the time we have come up to this ...........there will no doubt be another onand we are only talking about the British UFO activity! How many books would be required for example the USA or Ireland?

Close Encounter Suffolk

Brenda Butler was living at Elm Tree Farm, Aldringham, just off the Al2, a short distance out of Leiston, during the late 1970s. What she saw and experienced on that early morning in November 1979, forever remains in her memory.

I was awoken by a bright ‘flash of light’ that flooded the room. On going to the window to look out, I saw a ‘ball of brilliant light’ hovering over the front meadow of the farm. As my eyes adjusted to the harsh light, I saw a ‘figure’ standing near the farm gate, clothed in a silvery garment, edged with gold, with some kind of lettering across the top of it. The next thing I knew was waking up, although I remembered, quite clearly, what I had experienced. Had it been a dream?

When I arrived downstairs for breakfast, I started to chat to my Dad about everyday things, but was surprised when he asked me if I had seen a strange light outside the house earlier that morning. Straightaway, I realised it had been no dream. Later in the day, my father told me he had discovered three large holes in the ground, about 12 feet in diameter, with a large quantity of soil missing -as if someone, or something, had scooped it out. What intrigued him was that he couldn’t find any sign of tyre marks, or footprints, but did notice the tops of some nearby trees had been burnt off completely … a real mystery.”(Source: personal interview)


  1. raising my cuppa tea to celebrate the new baby!

    Oh wow 13 volumes maybe more, cant wait!! awesome!!

  2. Congratulations to Marie on the birth of your baby boy .

    Yep cmon publisher where are the little pics of the followers that were once underneath the followers headline ?

    I am itching to get my hands on vol 3