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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Funeral of a colleague

Its been a strange day. I went to the funeral of one of my ex Police colleagues retired PC Roy Mason, at Robin Hood Cemetery Birmingham today. Roy was only 51 years of age and died ofa liver complaint. I had worked with Roy when he was an E3 CID Officer at Acocks Green back in those' ashes to ashes 'days of policing when the public could call the Police on the phone and get a response! In the days when a Police Officer attended at the scene of a Theft from Vehicle or theft of vehicle when Police Officers looked like Police Officers and even carried whistles. I have to tell you that I remember quite clearly a Police Officer blowing a whistle on top of a chemists shop after he discovered an intruder. This was before we were equipped with radios. When we wore capes! and spent most of the night shaking door handles, and finding what we called 'Put ups' anyone know what I mean by that?

Roy had been involved on several murder cases, which in themselves could be harrowing, to say the least. They did take their toll another colleague of mine nicknamed 'Deaddog' ( dont ask) died of an alcohol related illness some years ago after being involved in the investigation of the deaths of three girls who had been given paraquet in their ribena,he was one of the first on the scene. The Mother was the guilty party, although this wasnt evident at the time.
If I wasnt writing books about UFOs it would be nice to write up the diary of events that I came across over the years, many of them funny and some of them not. Happy days!

Phone calls made to and fro.......
Spoke to Kevin Goodman tonight, he tells me about the Warminster Skywatch which is being held on the 27th of August at Cradle Hill. Kevin has kept the 'Warminster flame'burning and has himself visited the town and its UFO watches way back in the 1970's when he was a mere callow youth.
Also spoke to Phil Mantle and wished him the best for the future tonight.
Hi to Jools by the way lovely lady always full of encouragment.
The Daily Mail is interested in looking at the books,(hopefully they may do a review) will print off their letter as soon as I buy another two inks for the printer !
Thanks to Phil Hoyle by the way of the UFO Investigations and Research Unit based at Shrewsbury in Shropshire for his newspaper cuttings of yesteryear!
This is my daughter...............on duty as we speak at Bournville Lane Police Station she is
civilian RAD- now they dont have to wear uniform just civvies. She has told me off about the photo of her and steve with abbey the dog looking out of the caravan window!

The monkey at the top is being dusted off for the Weird Weekend at Woolsey Devon in August and is doing fine.

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