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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sara Falkland of the BBC

Spoke to Don Ramkin a follower of Haunted Skies today he has emailed his report regarding the recovery of a stone(s) during one of many visits to Rendlesham Forest over the past ten years. He also had a toy elephant appear which may sound incredible,but some times the unbelievable happens. We should know as we have ourselves experienced the fall of a stone on more than one occasion and will be talking about this at the above lecture in September 2011. The fall of such objects is described as an apport which can involve a variety of objects, including coins but this is pleasure which I have never had although Don did have a bronze three pennny but appear. Spoke to Dennis Plunkett the long time head of the British Flying Saucer Bureau based in Bristol, he is a credit to UFO research and reminded me of the time many years ago when in the RAF about the notices warning of dire consequences about reporting UFOs -Hope Dennis returns to full health soon!

Here is a photo of renown BBC Journalist Sara Falkland who used to live next door to us, she expressed an interest in interviewing us then the books were published, but of course we have never had any reply from a letter or emails sent to her! Maybe somone will see the photo and bring it to her attention?

Well we are excited the 3rd book is nearly ready, a few more days.....Next week we will be structering Volume 4 which will cover these years 1968-1969-1970-1971-1972-1973
thanks goodness its more than two years!

Abduction of motor vehicle !

It is difficult what to make of this apparent very rare, almost unbelievable, report involving the removal of an abandoned vehicle alongside of the road at Farningham, Kent, at 9.00 pm. 16th July 1978 (not by the Police but by a UFO!) - if it wasn’t for the fact that the Investigator was the well respected Margaret Fry, who was then living in Bexleyheath: “The man was motoring along the A2, just past Farningham, Kent, when he noticed a derelict car parked on the grass verge.Suddenly, a grey metallic silver cigar shaped object dropped from the sky and hovered over the vehicle. His car came to a halt and the driver felt paralysed.The abandoned car then rose upwards and was sucked through an opening in the object, which closed. The object then flew away and out of sight.I reported the incident to the Police, at Bexleyheath, who seemed interested.I know the witness went back to the scene and was horrified to see traces of where the car had been on the grass. He refused to get involved any further, feeling that if they could do that to a car what about if there had been someone in it?” - Chilling words, if true.

In February 2010 we spoke to Margaret Fry about this incident, who told us she regarded the witness as being genuine and that she had received two other sightings of strange phenomenon in the same place that very day. They included a report of an ‘Entity’, described as resembling a ‘Michelin man’, seen. Margaret promised to conduct a search through her comprehensive files, in order to obtain further information about the other incidents. (Source as above / ‘Earthlink’, Dan Goring)

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