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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Trip to Devon and update on Haunted Skies 3

Hi everybody,

Just returned from the Publishers when we met some charming people from the MUFON branch of Texas, who had come to see Jon and Corrina. I'm busy trying to sort out the images and lecture material for the BUFORA venue at Newcastle this coming Saturday - 2nd of July.

Today I spoke to my dear friend Margaret Fry who is a veteran researcher of the UFO subject,with regard to her UFO sighting which took place during the morning of the 17th of July 1955.

We then visited Hartland Point and saw for ouselves the remains of Johanna a ship that was wrecked on the 31st of December 1982 the photo above shows the ship as it was. These show it as it is now.....

For those that may not know of this incident- it involved a saucer shaped object that dropped down onto the pavement in Bexleyheath during a heatwave, to the amazement of Margaret and her Doctor. Incredibly others also saw the UFO including children at Bedonwell school, one of whom we traced.

We are also busy compiling the index for Volume 3 which is going to be an awesome book as it covers just two years- and includes many sightings of the Flying Cross UFO. We hope that this book will be out by early August,as we want to start sifting through the material for Volume 4 which has a nice foreword from Phil Mantle of UFO Matrix. Phil has not been well of late and we wish him an eventual recovery.

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