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Monday, 27 June 2011

UFOs, a pin up girl, and weird tomato plant

A UFO sighting from Elke Sommer pin up girl from the 1970's......

I have to apologise for the order of the photos from the day before yesterday. As it appears that Dawn may have been confused with a photo of a ship! Dawn is not a quivering wreck, but a woman of maturity whose inner beauty shines like a lighthouse beacon across the landscape! She has forgiven me and wants to draw the attention of my esteemed publisher and the rest of the 'bloggers' to the tomato plant she has brought! No comments are needed if the cap fits wear it! Dawn also has asked me to show you her lovely poppy one of many that Dawn tends in the back .The next photo shows a buoy that appears to have been snaffled by a fishing boat at Bideford,a beautiful town about ten miles away from where the publisher lives. We had a walk around the centre and met a lovely lady called Linda who told us about a UFO sighted by her Mother some years ago. Linda is a sculptor and showed us some of her animals about to be finished off.

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