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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Derek Dempster Hong Kong and 1954 UFOs

Today I contacted Mr Derek Dempster from Kent UK who was one of the original founder members of the Flying Saucer Review, and the first editor of such. Mr Dempster was the man responsible for contacting Squadron Leader Peter Horsley, and informing him of what Flt lt James 'Jimmy' Salandin had seen while flying his RAF Meteor Jet fighter over the Weald in Kent on the 14th of October 1954

I took off at about 4.15 pm. Flying conditions were perfect. When at a height of some 16,000 feet I noticed a number of contrails in the sky, approximately 30-40,000 feet, over North Foreland. Through the middle of these trails I could see three objects, which at first I took to be aircraft, although there was no sign of any vapour trail that one would associate with the movement of an aircraft in high atmosphere. When they got within a certain distance, two of them went off to my port side; one was gold in colour, the other silver. The third object headed towards me and closed to within a few hundred yards, almost filling the middle of the aircraft windscreen before departing towards my port side. I tried to turn and follow, but it had disappeared from view.

The object I saw through the front cockpit of my Meteor 8 Jet Aircraft was saucer shaped, with a ‘bun’ on top and underneath. I didn’t see any portholes, windows, or other exterior extrusions that one would associate with the passage of an aircraft through the air. There weren’t even any flames coming from the objects.”

All in all its not often that you get the opportunity to speak to the first editor of Flying Saucer Review and an RAF Pilot who sighted a flying saucer circa 1954!Not forgetting a real old 'sweetie' Jesse Roestenberg who also reported having sighted a saucer shaped object with two occupants over Ranton Staffordshire in 1954.

Ex West Mercia Police Officer Matt Sanders from the Shropshire area has been in contact, he tells me of a number of strange flying objects seen around that area, some of which he has photographed.

Don from Bexleyheath London has been in touch he is an old friend and has been very supportive of our quest to publish the Haunted Skies series of books, when others laughed at us, believing it was an impossible task. He saw the photo of the 'Cat burglar' and felt inclined to send his photo of the now sadly departed family dog Molly who passedaway in 2006

I can totally relate to the cat visiting situation for we have at least two that regularly turn up and my own cat sits watching bemused as one or the other proceeds to chomp its way through HER plate of food then moves onto her iams for desert. We have one we call thomas then we got a podgy persian we've nicknamed fatty who can just about squeeze through the catflap , but its costing a small fortune keep stocking up on Felix pouches , but seeing as we're animal lovers we keep buying the stuff.

I've included a photo of my beloved dog Molly who we sadly lost to old age in october 2006 but who was a huge part of our family but who was spoilt rotten from day 1 "
Don would also like to know the name of a cactus his Mum Jean looks after!

Keith my son who is holidaying in Ibitha managed to capture a photo of the Moon on Wednesday night during an eclipse. It was cloudy here and by the time the Moon rose it was to late unlike the night before when it was huge in the sky.

I always remember the Publisher who has quite an affection for Hong Kong( photos to follow from 'The Dear Old Leeks' telling me that Blogs should be fun rather than lashings of UFOs and weird and wonderful tales. So thats why we include cat and dog and animals, however I draw the line at any recipes for cakes buns or fizzy flying saucers! but I do remember a sort of root licqorish that I chomped on as a schoolboy,and a cigarette which I puffed at occasional times froma packet of 'dominoes.' ( Only smoked 20 fags in the whole of my life ) and about 30 Cigars. I promise I am not going to introduce lists of sweets in future blogs, but am tempted to tell you of the ones that really appeal to me like gobsmackers( teeth breakers) Parma Violets,Sherbet Lemons,Cola Cubes,,finger of fudge....mmmmnn Black Jacks, Space Dust. Wham Bars......the list is endless....I bet Dave Bryant remembers space dust and flying saucers! and sweet rock!

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