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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Cats UFOs and a visit from William Moore

A disturbed nights sleep. We have been plagued by a ginger tom which waits for lights out before springing into action and raiding the cat food in the kitchen! We got so fed up that we installed Abbey the staffordshire bull dog who cowered behind the chair with Breeze while the said offender carried out further plundering. Lst night another cat got in and in in its haste locked the cat flap behind it. But this didnt stop it as the remain of the cat flap were found in the garden after a huge commotion was heard. Dawn would also like you to see her beautiful poppy she has nutured.

Our good friend David Bryant has some interesting reports on his website,

William Moore popped in to see me the other day. This is his sighting which will go into the 1977 period of British UFO activity. Thanks very much for the sighting William.

Even if you are a sceptic and dont believe in UFOs,how the hell can you explain what these objects were up to never mind their appearance in the sky on that fateful evening. I am alwasy reminded of one UFO witness who said to me "I feel like I am in a glass bubble,and want to get out I want to scream that these UFOs exist but people ignore me"

William Moore UFO display 1977

In late summer / Autumn of 1977 I was traveling by bus from Dunscroft to Edenthorpe to stay with my girlfriend who was at my sister’s house, I think it was a Thursday the time was around 9pm to 10pm. As the bus left the village of Stainforth heading towards the village of Barnby Dun I noticed a bright white light over the field and allotments that lay behind Oldfield Crescent in Stainforth. My home was in Oldfield Crescent so I was very familiar with those fields. A bright spot light was being shone down from the aircraft to the ground and was clearly illuminating the ground and tree’s. I would estimate the altitude of the aircraft to be between 750ft and 1500ft. The spotlight was directed at the bus for a moment, other people on the bus (top deck) were also watching the light, no object was visible only the light. The light moved away but was still visible at distance. When the bus arrived at Edenthorpe I got off and walked to my sister’s house, as I neared the end of her street a cluster of lights(orange, red, yellow, white) passed in front of me at some distance but not more than a mile I would estimate. I was very excited and ran to the house to my right, this was the house of my sisters friend “Mel” I knocked on the door and brought he and his wife out onto the street and told them to watch in the direction that I had just seen the object. I then ran to my sister’s house and told them (my sister Viv, her Husband Greg and my girlfriend Pat) to come out and watch. From their back garden we could see a number of aircraft/objects 5 to 8 of them all with many bright color lights. They were flying around each other in quite close proximity, occasionally one would rise vertically to 2/3000ft (difficult to gage as we had no idea of the size of the objects) then hover for a moment and drop at speed back to the same altitude as the other lights. This went on for approx. 30 to 45mins and during this time other people perhaps disturbed by our talking and occasional shouts began to appear at upstairs windows also watching the objects. We were on Scott Crescent and other people were watching from their back bedrooms on Sunny Side , the objects were in the general direction of “Wroot” and could only have been 3 to 5 miles away, at no time during these events did I hear anything like aircraft engines, these object were silent from our position.

My sister reported the sighting during the event to the police, she was told that they already had reports and that it was not the RAF. I had to retire to bed as I came down suddenly with a migraine, I had never suffered with this before and I do not link it to the sighting. It was more likely due to the excitement and the adrenalin rush. I think the sighting was reported in the Doncaster Evening Post a couple of days later but it was not treated as a big deal. By way of background I should say that I had read some books on UFO’s and believe I had a sighting when about 11/12 but that was only a white oval flying silently in the evening sky. This made me interested in UFO’s. I would also say that I had seen Close Encounters and the objects (although I am loathed to say so) looked very much like the UFO’s at the end of that film, lots of lights and no distinct fuselage. Including the folk on the Bus I would estimate that maybe as many as 20 people saw what we saw that night. Also it may be worthy to note that living in Stainforth in fairly close proximity to RAF Lindholm and Finningly I was a keen plane spotter and was very familiar with the aircraft in the area and the general capabilities. I am now a project manager and aviation photographer/ correspondent and I still have not seen anything with the capabilities I saw on that night, even the US Osprey does not climb at the rate we saw and Harriers would have made a terrific noise as would any helicopter of the day. And at that time the police did not have helicopters with search lights as they do now. I recently asked my sister for her recollections about the evening and her’s are similar to mine. I make no claim as to what we saw other than the strangeness of it.

Thankyou William for sharing this with us. Here are some other similar accounts a bit of peek preview of the many thousands of UFO signtings that will go into the later Volumes.....................................real people and real sightings.

UFO display Surrey

At 11pm. 22nd May, 1971, William Barnes of Dorking was walking home from Dorking fair, when he sighted two white lights in the sky. He watched them for about 30seconds, until they disappeared behind cloud .About a minute later another object appeared in the north east part of the sky, south of where the first two had been seen.

“Over the next 5-6minutes I saw up to sixe of these objects at once, cloud sometimes blocking my view completely and though they intermittently hovered or moved slowly northwards they did not change their altitude. On two occasions two of the object made a curious ‘fusing movement, meeting and seeming to join for a few seconds in the middle before returning to their positions. Twice one of them projected a beam of light across the sky. At this stage two friends came up and we watched together. At one stage there were a total of seven bright objects seen stretching across the sky in a straight line, moving in and out of cloud, (Source: Dorking Investigation of UFOs)

At 15th of June, 1971, a resident of Poole, Dorset, got out of bed, unable to sleep, and glanced through the window, when he saw a cluster of strange ‘stars’ in the sky, low on the horizon, giving out a very bright light over the Purbeck Hills, consisting of,

“One star to the right apparently made up of two, one on top of each other, with a third, single one, to the left. The ‘two’ pulsated from bright light to dim, while the third went through a process of nearly fading out then reappearing with a blinding light, which reflected against the bedroom wall.” (Source: Isle of Wight UFO Society)

UFOs over Lancashire

David Stretch - then a clerical officer with the National Coal Board, at Lowton, Lancashire, was at his home address on 15th August, 1971, when he looked through the open window, at 10.30 pm. and saw:

“Four unidentified flying objects moving across the sky in pairs I shouted for my wife to come and have a look and we watched as they drifted across the sky, apparently just above the houses, but probably several hundred feet off the ground. They looked like old-fashioned dumb-bells - gold in colour. I managed to take some photographs while my wife alerted the neighbours, who came rushing out.

They were as surprised as we were. We watched them as they headed over Winter Hill (the site of a number of other UFO reports over the years) towards Bolton. When I had the films processed, I was disappointed to discover that although the pictures had come out, there was no sign of any UFOs on them. I have to admit, prior to that, I didn’t believe in the existence of UFOs until we saw those glowing silent objects. I contacted the ‘Bolton Evening News’, the following morning, who published my sighting on the 16th August, 1971.” (Source: personal interview)

Further investigations revealed a number of people living in the Hull area of the United Kingdom had reported seeing ‘flying saucers’ during 11.00 pm. and 4.00 am., (Source: Hull Daily Mail, 16th August, 1971, ‘Claims today that a ‘flying saucer hovered over North Hull, for at least five hours, last night and early this morning, was made by a number of people today’.)

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