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Thursday, 9 June 2011

UFO over Manchester 1993

Its been a busy time what with sorting out the images I need for the Bufora conference on the 2nd of July , and ensuring they match the script!
Lionel Beer rang today and chatted about the forthcoming event. And I am chasing up two UFO sightings one appears to have been a triangular object sighted near West Leek Kegworth by a group of people, the other is a sighting from the 1960's from the
Stainforth,area, involving Viv- more to come on that in due course..... The News shopper newspaper in London gave me some publicity, approx ten lines! Still it all helps as the know the Im staring to wane as once again that darned clock is reading 12.30am- time for bed Hope you enoy the UFO sighting.

UFO over Manchester 1993
On the 5th October 1993, Mr Edmund Gregory of Royal Oak Wythenshaw, situated a couple of miles away from Manchester Airport was sat in his garden reading a newspaper on what was described as lovely sunny day with a few white clouds dotted about at 2.20pm, awaiting his wife to come home, “We lived under the main flight path leading into the airport. As an aircraft passed over I automatically glanced up with little interest rather than taking part in any plane spotting as described by the account published by the Metro newspaper some 12months later. I noticed a bright glint in the sky which I estimated to be approximately between 2-3000feet, in height over which aircraft could be seen passing en route from Manchester Airport. It just sat there in the sky and had a mirrored finish reminding me of silver foil catching the sun’s rays. All of sudden it just disappeared but reappeared ten seconds later in another part of the sky, it was there for a good forty-five minutes, during which time it approached closer and then moved away.I went and fetched a pair of binoculars from upstairs and continued to keep observations on it for about 35minutes, when I was able to see a silver cone or cornet shaped object without any windows with a slowly spinning dome on top going to a point on the bottom showing hazy lights creating a rainbow effect also moving around it. It was the size of a 737 Boeing Aircraft. The outside of the structure comprised of what looked like joined panels angled like the sort of thing you would see on a stealth bomber to confuse radar.

By this time it was 2.50pm and neighbours were coming out of their nearby houses to collect the children from the nearby primary school. Within a short period of time there were 7-8people also looking up at the UFO, gradually the object moved away and then shot off and disappeared out of sight” Edmund told us that one of his neighbours went inside the house and telephoned the Airport where he was put through into the Control Tower after describing what was happening the officials looked out with binoculars but were unable to see any sign of the object, they also checked the Radar but were unable to find anything on the screen other than aircraft.(Source : Quest Investigator David Cayton)

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