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Monday, 6 June 2011

Frank Marshall of BUFORA and Conference details

Here is a photo of Frank Marshall who was most helpful to the authors of Haunted Skies
taken during a visit to his house a few years ago. The papers and files had been nibbled by the house mouse! But they were just about intact and much appreciated. Frank hada story to tell as can be seen from a newspaper account of his capture by the Germans in 1940. On the work side I am busy preparing the images for the talk at the BUFORA conference in Newcastle on the 2nd of July 2011
And have promised myself that this must be completed by the end of the week in order that I can switch my attention to sorting out the 3rd Book which will cover the wave of UFO activity that took place during 1967. Here is a photo of my son's cat, after he was told that Cat food is being phased out! And not to be outdone- here is a photo for my daughter of her dog takes some years ago! The evils of drink.
Strange Incident Birmingham 1992
In Janaury 1998 Housewife Sandra Footes from Kings Norton Birmingham just off the Redditch Road, found her self unable to sleep after a spate of burglaries in the road, and was looking out of the window at 2am when she noticed a number of infrared security lights had been actuated in the road, wondering if the cause was prowlers or an animal she looked around for the cause and saw
two range objects adjacent to each other in the sky, one was a silver pear shaped light, the other an orange globe, about four times the size of a full Moon in size, hardly daring to breathe I watched them as they hovered approximately a couple of hundred feet off the ground above the house s opposite. Then they slowly moved away illuminating the ground below then as they headed off towards the Primrose Estate.”

In converation with the couple who had no special interest in UFOS or the paranormal, we learnt that after the event had taken place they had seen what looked like a ‘grinning monkey faced apparition ‘in the bedroom which promptly disappeared when the lights were switched on including a rather disturbing incident involving their daughter, which occurred in 1992 My daughter was aged three at the time and running a high temperature we had problems contacting the family doctor and decided to keep an all night vigil at her beside while attempting to lower her temperature. At 5am she awoke and seemed her normal self, I asked her how she was she replied, Mummy a little man came from behind the curtain and gave me some medicine”


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