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Monday, 13 June 2011

visit to rendlesham forest and Canines lots of them

Well as its not raining today, least Abbey can get outside and havea break from Haunted Skies Volume 1 (still cant get past the first page) although Brenda Butler tells me that it was sunshining yesterday in the East Anglia area. Don and his friend Andrea along with her husband paid a visit to Rendlesham Forest this weekend gone.- This was the first time she had been to the forest.

"We did see 2 lights at the end of the east gate road, one orange andone white, they danced about like touches but disappeared, when we gotdown there no one was there. If that was Brenda she turned her torch offand disappeared into deep undergrowth. But that was Friday night, not Sat.( though why anyone would use an orange touch is beyond me lol) Anyway back to my thoughts on the forest, its beautiful for starters and so peaceful. We saw a few lights in sky; very far off unsure if they were anything important. I saw my first ever glow bug, charming little fellow. I saw a red lightdart over the airbase down the perimeter fence road, and we heard somethingbig moving through the trees at about 1am, we couldn’t see it, but it made a lotof noise for a good few minutes.

I didnt open up my mediumship but still got audio and smells galore. I heard a male voice near a bench, thought it was Don but it came from behind me, Don was in front of me. Walking track 10, my audio kicked in again with like walkie talkies voices and I sensed a group of airmen running to our left,

Don then said we were very near Brian’s track, and a plane had gone down somewhere there, so that’s what I picked up on, the running of airmen to investigate the wreckage, at least I think that’s what it was.
We found the Huskies home, I got quite close and have some pretty good photos, shame it was double fenced, as one good photo has a husky looking directly at us but has the fence over his face.

I was very pleased to see East gate, and boast's field, and area one, though we couldnt find the pegged out markers, -another time I expect. The area Don calls Blair witch is my sort of place, very beautiful with its old pines looking like draped grass hanging off the trees, lovely.

We briefly went into Orford, lovely little town. Also drove round the surroundingtowns, so quite and isolated. I saw the the beam from the light house, every 6 seconds, first night conditions were clear, and second night a bit hazy, both times the lighthouse beam did notbounce its beam off anything, so I feel completely at ease saying what everhappen that Christmas 1980 was not light house lights.

Snow in Wales !

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