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Saturday, 19 May 2012


At 12.37pm on 23rd June 1975, a radar operator aboard a ship (unnamed) was operating his equipment in the Atlantic, off the coast of Ireland, due to thick fog, limiting visibility to 1,000yds, when he picked-up an echo closing in on the ship, which lasted for about a minute. (Location 52 °, 30mins North, 20 °West) On checking the radar screen, he noticed the objects trace was disappearing at an impossible rate of velocity, and immediately reported it to the Captain.

The matter was later reported to the MOD, who warned of the consequences of any breach of the Official Secrets Act. Fortunately the witness, who demanded that his name be withheld, contacted Peter Bottomley and Gordon Clegg - UFO investigators for BUFORA, who interviewed him, a number of times, about the matter.. One is bound to wonder if this UFO came out of the sea. (Source: BUFORA Journal, March/April 1976, Volume 4, Number 12)

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