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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


8th November 1978

Sunday Mirror 27th August 1978

Quick Book Review Roswell Alien Autopsy by Philip Mantle - published by Roswell Books.   Recommended by the authors of Haunted Skies - it finally puts the record straight! Well done Phil. 

The scrapbook of daily life continues with an examination of what will be Volume 7 of Haunted Skies. This volume will cover the period 1978-1979; sadly, we will have to wait until the next Volume 8 (1980) which will probably cover only one year. Here is a peek into the future:

Volume 7 Haunted Skies (1978-1979)

Chapter One January - May 1978 includes: Landed UFO, Kendal; Strange ‘Being’, Rainford, Cheshire; UFO Landing, Doncaster; UFO over Gloucester; Police chase UFO; UFO over Mytchett, Surrey; UFOs over Essex; ‘Close Encounter’, Frodsham; UFO over Suffolk; ‘Flying Cigars’ over South Downs; Entity at Risley; ‘Close Encounter’, Dorset; A visit to Warminster; UFOs over Hampshire; UFOs over Staffordshire; Glowing ‘figure’, Bournemouth; UFO over Southampton; UFO Landing, Lowestoft; Triangular UFO over the Atlantic; ‘Flying Saucer’ landing, Wheeley, Essex.
Chapter Two June - August 1978 includes: ‘Z’ shaped UFO, North Yorkshire; UF0 over Wales; Strange Journey, Wiltshire; ‘Flying Disc’, Weybridge, Surrey; UFO over Chepstow Race Course; Abduction of Vehicle, Kent; UFO over Essex; Strange ‘Lights’ over Devon; ‘Close Encounter’ at Plumstead Common; ‘Flying Submarine’, Northumberland; UFO over Bexleyheath, Kent; UFO over North Yorkshire; ‘Close Encounter’, Broadhaven; Strange noises, Maiden Castle, Dorset.
Chapter Three September - December 1978 includes: UFO Landing, North Wales; UFO over Clacton Pier, Essex; UFO over Staffordshire;  Zagreb UFO; ‘H’ shaped UFO, London;  Triangular UFO, Essex; UFOs over Staffordshire; UFOs over Ilford, Essex; Triangular UFO over Stoke-on-Trent; UFO over Lowestoft; UFO over Anglesey;  ‘Flying Triangle’ over Dorset;  Encounter at Huntingdon; UFO over Portsdown Hill; Coastguard Sighting; ‘Flying Saucer’ over Lympstone; UFO over Northampton; UFOs over Plymouth; UFO over Shrewsbury; UFO over North Yorkshire; Gigantic UFOs seen, Kent.
Chapter Four January - June 1979 includes: UFO over Pontypridd, ‘Close Encounters’ Rowley Regis; UFO Display Harston Hill; UFO over Hampshire; Close Encounter South Yorkshire;  UFO over Bristol; UFO Landing, Leeds; UFO landing, North Yorkshire; UFO over Hertfordshire; UFO over Bacup, Lancashire; ertfordshireUFO over Shortclough reservoir; UFO over Ilford, Essex; UFO over Portsmouth; UFO landing Normanton, Yorkshire.
Chapter Five July - December 1979 includes: Police chase over London; Strange aircraft over Shropshire; UFO over Witham, Essex; Egg-shaped UFO over Suffolk; UFO display, Luton; UFO over Kidderminster; UFO over Coleshill; UFO over Surrey; ‘Close Encounter’, Manchester; ‘Close Encounter’, Peterborough; UFO over Staffordshire; UFO over Stoke-on-Trent; ‘Flying Saucer’ over Cheshire; Triangular UFO, Birmingham; UFO over Plymouth; ‘Close Encounter’, Lincolnshire; UFO over Cricklade; UFO over Ipswich; Fin tailed UFOs, Staffordshire; UFO over Mansfield, Nottinghamshire; UFO over Suffolk; ‘Close Encounter’, West Lothian; Alien figure seen, Suffolk; UFO Display over Norfolk; UFO over Worcester; ‘Flying Saucer’ captured on photos, Suffolk; ‘Flying Saucer’ over Suffolk; UFO over Watford; UFO over Rickmansworth; UFO Display over South Oxhey; UFO over Exmouth, Devon; UFO hoax, Cornwall.

All specific details of the above will be outlined in Volume 8, and cannot be divulged until this issue is available.

Unfortunately, I will not be going to the conference at Woodbridge on the 17th June, as - first of all - it is Father’s Day and I have deprived my family on too many occasion by putting UFO related interests first. Secondly, the 200-mile round trip would cost over £150 and journeys this length are  biting hard into our pockets!

Yesterday I went to see Bob Tibbitts at the Festival Pub in Coventry, and he gave me some early UFO magazines, which I will scan and upload for your attention in due course. Thanks go to Bob, who has always been a source of great advice and encouragement over the years.

Kevin Goodman emailed me with the following information:

Due to work commitments, the annual "Look to the skies and run away if you see something weird" skywatch at Cradle Hill in Warminster is planned for Saturday, 1st September. Sadly a major work commitment for the normal date stops me from being there! So, let's have a good 'un on the 1st! Be there folks or be square! Please message me if you wish to attend, as the Army can get a bit …. errrr…. "nervous" of a group of civvies on the hill... LOL.

Also spoke to Phil Hoyle from the Shropshire area today, who is an authority on animal mutilations and is the man to contact with regard to this subject.  Well done Phil carry on the great work mate, I am sending you Volume 4 soon so you can review it on your website.

We  are going down to Avebury on the Wednesday for Solstice and will be handing out some of our business cards  in the hope that people will buy the books, which will be available for sale at the Henge Book shop. Hopefully John and Esther will put the kettle on!

Completely off the subject, we thought we would add a photo of Dawn’s garden.  The work she has put in is reaping rewards and we reckon she is deserved of a photo.

And in closing, we would like to remind folks that we still are looking for any one that might want to assist us with illustrations. Please contact us if you are interested.

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