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Thursday, 3 May 2012


We are in the process of completing Volume 5 and hope that by the time we next see Jon and Corinna Downes the book will be completed as we are anxious to start checking the next slice of British UFO history, which will begin from 1975.

We spoke to David Bryant recently, and he wished us well. Like us, he is looking forward to meeting up in Suffolk in June to hear what Tim Good, and others are going to say at the Woodbridge Conference.

The last time we saw Tim was many moons ago, at his house in Bexley after we had visited the location nominated by Margaret Fry, where she saw the saucer-shaped craft land on the pavement in 1955.

The other item of interest is that we have also been examining the events that took place in November 1973. 

Photos taken of sky over our house a couple of months ago

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