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Thursday, 3 May 2012


Copy of Hackney, London UFO 1970

I spoke to Leslie at the Warminster Tourist Office today, and she is willing to look at one of the books (Volume 3) and hopefully order some to be sold to any interested parties that may wish to improve their knowledge of the UFO history of the town. We have sent her a flyer and also placed the new flyer in the local shops, as well as having sent some business cards to people that wish to promote the books on our behalf.

She mentioned that Kevin Goodman’s book UFO Warminster: Cradle of Contact had sold well when they had stocked it before, and was really looking forward to the re-issue. She also told me of having encountered some scepticism and reluctance from those that would not like to see subject material like this on sale

I spoke to Kevin last night and sent him and his 'Aunt Bessie' much love - the two of them are inseparable, heaven knows what they are cooking up next. Aunt Bessie is delightful she can be crusty and unappetising at times, but she loves Kevin especially when he sinks his teeth into her. I’m sure you have guessed who this lady is? Next time we will ruddy well cook the pie! Instead of wolfing it down raw with lashings of wine!!!

An ex Royal Canadian Air Force officer, who had just left the force after serving five years - then living on a farm, a couple of miles from Greenwood Air Force Base, Nova Scotia - was looking out of the window, at 8.00pm, on what was a cold, clear, crisp night. There was no moon and lots of starlight, and he noticed a bright light above the horizon, but at first paid no attention.

“At first I thought it was landing lights from an aircraft coming in for a landing at the Greenwood base. After a minute or two, curiosity got the better of me and I grabbed my coat and went outside. I saw a white light illuminating the horse coral from above; the horse was prancing around and acting skittish - then the light began to slowly drift towards me. I immediately yelled out to my friend, Paul, to come outside.

"As the light came closer, I could make out a circular, saucer-shaped object, about 40ft in diameter, with a single white light coming from its centre. By the time my friend, Paul, came outside, the object was still moving slowly towards me. There was no sound, except for a slight whistling noise - the kind of noise you might expect if a large object was passing through the air. It came to a complete stop when it was directly above us, bathing us both in light - bright enough to read a book. The UFO was no more than 100ft above our heads by this time. We were both totally in awe.

"Seconds later, a military tracker (CP-121) aircraft came roaring over the roof-top of our farmhouse from behind us. It seemed they were on a collision course. In a blink of an eye, the UFO made an abrupt 90° evasive move, travelling 80ft to the North. Even above the noise of the aircraft, we could both hear the whooshing sound of the object when it moved. The tracker aircraft made a steep bank to align itself with the UFO again, and put on full throttle to its engines, hell bent to intercept this hovering object. Within a matter of five seconds, the UFO had made three quick jolting movements before I saw its lights disappear over the North Mountain, about 6 to 7 miles away. The tracker aircraft immediately throttled down its engines and returned towards the Greenwood Air Force Base.”

This Wednesday I had a scintillating conversation with someone today about the UFO subject. He is impressed with the book, and has himself flown over the Nasca Lines some years ago in Peru. Let's see how this develops before I disclose his name.  Of course this will be with his permission if and when that time comes.

I spent the morning with my daughter at The Fone Shop talking about the books. She bought a new phone and later…using voice command, shouted, ‘Get Dad’ and the phone rang me. Unfortunately, I have to apply the finger to operate mine, such is technology.

UFO over Scotland 1994

During the evening of the 30th of July 1994, Scottish Power worker, Andrew Swann from Armadale West Lothian Scotland, (Armadale was formerly known as Barbauchlaw) drove up to playing fields at the side of Armadale Academy, a short distance from his house, wishing to obtain an unrestricted view of a violent electrical storm lighting up the night sky.

After parking the car at 11.45pm he was stunned to see:

“......a large pyramidal shaped object hovering behind a row of trees a few hundred yards away. My first thoughts were that it was going to crash, and puzzled I got back into the car and drove to another location on the other side of the object. As I did so a second (or was it the first object?) flew low down over the top of the car. I slammed the brakes on and came to a halt. I got out of the car again and watched the UFO shaped like an inverted pyramid - estimated to be nearly 40 feet long - floating just above, or in front, of a bing (mining waste).

"After watching it for twenty minutes I called the Police but when nobody turned up, I picked up a halogen light and shone the light at the UFO. As I did so the bulb exploded.

"Worried, I decided to leave, but when I tried the ignition nothing happened, suddenly the object shot across the sky at breathtaking speed.”

Andrew then telephoned the police again, at which point a police car turned up, and after explaining what had taken place the Police Officers (PC Craig Beveridge and Special WPC Pat Walker - as matter of course - breathalysed him, but the results were negative. (PC Beveridge’s pocket book entry contained the following information:-

‘Informant is not drunk and appears to be genuine, although accounts of the incident do vary slightly. The purring sound referred to in the message is insect noise, object is described as about thirty to forty feet long oval shaped with no lighting whatsoever.' 

The officers were then joined by Inspector John McKinnon and Detective Sergeant Ian Wark.

The AA were then asked to attend, and their representative Donald MacAndrew, arrived at 3.36am, and spoke to Andrew who explained what had taken place, telling him he had been watching the UFO for about 40 minutes. This cannot be right as approximately three and three quarter hours had elapsed since the initial sighting.

Donald examined the fuse box and ignition on the vehicle an Audi coupe, but found the electrical system inactive. He then took out a tow rope and was in the process of driving away when the side lights came on, but - unfortunately - despite the engine being cranked, the car refused to start.

Oddly, once home the car sprang back into life and showed none of the previous symptoms which had rendered it inoperative.

In conversation with Mr. John M Jenkins who conducted his own thorough investigation into this matter we leant the following:

“I tested how long it took to drive to the location from the Academy, which was eight minutes. This means that even giving Andy leeway he must have arrived at the location by 12 midnight. He told the police he watched the UFO for twenty minutes before 'phoning them, so his first call should have been logged on the PNC at 12.20am. In fact it was 1.20am with a second call at 2.32am and not 12.50am as it should have been if his recollection was in fact accurate, which means there appears to be an hour of time unaccounted for."

A letter was sent to the MOD about the incident, which received a reply in August 1994 from Miss K Philpott (Air desk 2A) in which she outlined the usual standard statement sent to all and sundry from time immemorial expressing absolutely no interest in the matter, other than offering a myriad of sensible rational explanations!

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