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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Haunted Skies Blog November 2012


Haunted Skies Updated Blog
UFO sighting GOODMAYES , ILFORD , ESSEX ,1982  
From Paul to me….via email service
Here's a sighting from 1982, which bears some similarities to mine. The location, Ilford , is quite near to my Kent court sighting  '' What we saw was like something you see in films today , it was an extremely large-craft which took up a massive amount of sky , it was so large that it blended itself into the darkness of the night sky , there were lots of shapes on the craft that were suddenly lit up by the moonlight . We were directly underneath the outer edge of it, I know this because my head tilted right back I could see the stars, then as I rolled my eyes forward i could make out the shapes on the craft . I don't recall seeing any lights on the craft but i do recall it slowly but constantly moving overhead from my left to my right, as I looked to my right (the direction the craft was moving) the shapes were disappearing into the night sky but they were still coming over from the left, I’m afraid I can't recall seeing the back of the craft i just remember not seeing it anymore, it was just passing over and then the shapes blended into the darkness of the night sky ‘‘.

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                E-Mail letter from Tony
                Dear Mr Hanson,Re: your letter in the Narpo News Magazine dated
                Nov 2012,  I was a serving Police Officer from 1973 - 1992.As a 15
                year old I witnessed a close sighting of a UFO on Skegness beach.
                I saw a sphere shaped object hovering over the water approximately
                20 yards from the shore-line.
                As a PC (Notts Div.) in 1976 I saw a large spherical light in the sky
                travelling west to east. The following day a lady flagged down the
                Police Car I was in and informed me that she had seen it land in a
                field in Lower Bagthorpe, Nottinghamshire whilst she was walking her
                dog at approx.1.30am.

               From Don Ramkin. 

I wanted to send you this photo that I took back in 2007 on a ghost walk around St Pauls in London which shows a weak but definate shadow person . I initially saw it pass from behind me out of the side of my eye but upon looking it was still there and heading towards the steps of this building . I immediately knew it was a male entity , and I picked up that it was around 63yrs of age , had abit of a stoop , but was connected to that building in the frame .  As you know , doing what I do with Haunted Places Paranormal Investigations i.e going into locations either with guests public or as a crew only event , we do see shadow people , often side of the eye but also if we're in a group doing a seance or pne of our vigils , we do see a shadow - sometimes two , visibly moving behind people as if to be circling the group whether out of curiosity or an unknown reason , but they do exist and they are there its not imagination or in any way a mere trick of the light As you know yourself John , when we've been to Rendlesham Forest , more so in what we call Blair Witch , as well as by the alien tree , we've seen shadow people passing behind us


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