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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Haunted Skies 11th November 2012

          Sunday 11th November 2012
My thoughts lie with my memories of my ex Father in law ex CPO ‘Ted’ West whodied in 1974. He was on HMS Kelly when the ship went down at Crete in 1941.Ted was on the multiple pom pom guns and shot down a Stuka that was dive bombing the ship, before it went down. He was a real hero and a privilege to know.
Margaret Fry has been in touch she is keen to make a response to the article published in the Sun; I shall look forward to receiving it.
The below images were sent to us by Hilary Porter and Ken Parson of Beams. This couple have been assisting us over the years with various stories and photographs, well done you two and thanks for all of you help.

This is Hilary when she was christened! Who or what is the image in the window?

           Volume 7 is progressing this is the bumper edition 
           of Haunted Skies and will contain 420pages. 
           Fantastic stuff and all this covering only twoyears! 
           Very few Chinese lanterns then!   

           I have applied to Nielsens book data to obtain the 
           ISBN numbers they are usually purchased in blocks 
           of ten. When these are available the PDF file will be
           uploaded to Lightning Sources who have been 
           publishing the books up to now. So this is really 
           exciting for us as itwill be our first (published) book!  
           If anyone wants a signed copy of Haunted Skies 1-6  
           please ring us on 0121.445.0340,if not a chat, you are 
           more than welcome.Some very good MIB reports 
           coming to us from the London area- we will update 
           you on this as soon as we get them!

            We are still looking for anyone that might want to 
            assist with the illustrations. These books are self 
            funded by us, we don’t make any money, in fact we 
            run at a colossal loss, but the information is priceless
            and we both want these books to be made available.

                 Ex RAF George Bernard Dye. He and his crew sighted a UFO in 1944
             while on a bombing mission.


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