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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Volume 3 of Haunted Skies

Here at long last is the cover of Volume 3, which is jam packed with sightings that took place during the 'Wave year' of 1967. This was the one that nearly broke the constitution of the Haunted Skies team. Wait until 1977 comes - that will be the Mother of all UFO 'waves'. This will try the patience of our much loved publisher - Jon Downes!

Mike Rutter editor of Rapport Magazine
I had a email from Mike Rutter

Date: 8/03/2011Subject: illness

2 weeks ago I was admitted to Poole Hospital , I went there for the day with my partner sue. 2.00 am sunday morning I awoke sue with a scream , I have no knowledge of this, but I suffered a brain seizure, i had a brain scan and a lumber puncture which both proved negative am pleased to say, it has left me with a few syntax errors when I have to think ie directions or remember song titles that fell off my lips and similar. But am doin ok and am on a bit of sick leave at the mo. We wish Mike the best and hope that he recovers soon.

Volume 4 is progressing. At the moment I am sorting out the many images that will fit into the pages of the proposed book. A horrendous task!

I spoke to Mike Davies a few years ago, who told me was threatened by two men who warned him that he should not continue his investigations into the ufo subject........

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