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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Same old Same old!

UFO files released into public domain. 'Smoke and mirrors'.

Once again we have seen the way in which there has been a flurry of media excitement following the release of the latest batch of UFO files declassified into the Public domain. This flurry of apparent excitement is in my opinion nothing of the kind and is just a knee jerk reaction of the media (including the BBC) who feel obliged to publicise some reference to these files accompanied by clips of film showing the Farnborough students from 1967 at work with their cow pat filled UFOs making a bleeping noise.

This and other photos of UFO silliness (such as Mork and Mindy seen in theMetro newspaper) is just one example not of any Government conspiracy, but due to a belief system that refuses to recognise the weight of UFO evidence that stares them in the face. As Gordon Creighton once said “if none of this exists at all then why do people continue to keep reporting having sighted UFOs” Surely this isa phenomena well worth researching into”

Our research which is now in its 16th year obtained from not only sightings but from conversations with many UFO researchers clearly shows overwhelmingly that saucer shaped craft which are not constructed by human hands still continue to make their presence known in the skies above England. What they are and where they come from is of course another matter. Unfortunately they appear to have time on their hands, which may well not make them immortal. Food for thought……..

These ‘craft’ and their occasional occupants appear to be as old as the human raceperhaps for all we know their continued presence is vital to the well being of man,it may be rather bizarrely that they are the true denizens of Earth not man?

In a way the fact that the media refuses to enter into any correspondence with us despite being sent many copies of Haunted Skies suggest that we are not far off the truth with the books, ironically it is an accolade rather than any slur on the work which we believe one day will be of much importance to the UFO historian.

Ive started ploughing through the records which can take many days looking for thetiny pearls of information that we may glean from the mass of literature that involves numerous references to their representative Nick Pope and letters about the Virgin Light ship extract …….

File 1 DEFE 24/1958 contains ......

File 24-2006 - Plenty of letter from Quest UFO organisation regarding permsion to refer to the underground facilty at Corsham (Formally Rudloe Manor)

No UFO sighting reports of any substance in this or File 24-2006-1
File24-2019- info on FOI Act and its implentation/reference to papers in 'Rendlesham File'

Also, information of interest to the public but previously difficult to obtain will be proactively published. For example, the Ministry ofDefence has included a class of information on UFO’s in its publication scheme. The "Rendlesham file", which concerns a renowned alleged UFO sighting in Suffolk in 1980, has only previously beenprovided to about 20 people. This and other report, which have beenpreviously only released to the public on request, will now be made Freedom of information Minister Yvette Cooper, said:"These files steps mark important progress towards changing theculture of Government and extending the public’s right to know what is being done in their name"

Halt Document follows (again)!

Minute summarising MoD’s involvement in a 2002 BBC North Inside Out programme on the death of USAF Captain William Schaffner during an exercise involving a RAF Lightning from RAF Binbrook in September 1970. Allegations that Schaffner’s aircraft was scrambled to intercept a UFO are dispelled by report. this was the case that gained prominence when Tony Dodd suggested that the A/C had been downed by a UFO?

This file contains the board of enquiry report into the incident. And a reference to

Nick's book 'Open Skies closed minds' quote-

On september 8 1970, the radar at RAF Binbrook, near Market Rasen in Lincolnshire, had picked up an unexplained blip in British airspace. A number of aircrafts from different bases were scrambled. captain william Schaffner, an officer American exchange based at Binbrook, took his Lightning plane out over the North Sea beyond Grimsby, chasing something that, according to the radar screen at least, was varying its speed between 600 and an incredible 17,000mph. Schaffner described a dazzlingly blue light and reported that as he closed in, he could make out that the object was cone-shaped and had a spherical section which appeared to be made ofglass.

At one point the craft (one of them - there may have been two) hurtled towards him and he had to bank sharply to avoid a collision. On the radar screen something extraordinary happengd, The blips representing the Lightning and the uFo actually meiged, then stopped altogether. A second later, the UFO blip was careering away atu *p".a estimated to be in excess of 20,000mph.

Radio contact was re-established with Schaffer, but he sounded dazed and disorrentated and his compass wasn’t working. He was ordered to ditch in the sea. The Lighting sank in minutes. For some reason, schaffner had been unable to eject from the cockpit and get into his survival dinghy. But the cockpit was empty and his body was never recovered.

I dont believe any of this to be true!

Hope you can read this it appears the MOD did buy UFO magazine but didnt want the editor of UFO mag to know they purchased it! I think its obvious who the MOD man is that purchased the mags!

Loose minute from DAS UFO desk to MoD Security, expressing concern about the “implications for MoD” in respect of the planned event in the Henry VIII Wine Cellar. to launch Georgina Brunis book ( he was still employed by them then and did the foreword )

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