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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

From Robert Moor re Cradle Hill Sky-watch

From Robert Moore John; were you at the Warminster skywatch the other day? Did you see the odd light Kevin tells me he saw? Did you witness the stone-throwing? I have been asked by the ASSAP chairman, Dave Wood, for more details. Can you please write up what you saw for us. The first odd light sounds very interesting! What about the odd stone throwing event down at the Cop Heap Barn? What did you see of this?? Any help with this would be appreciated!

Neither Dawn nor or I witnessed the movement of any physical objects through the air, although we heard quite distincntly the sound of a small stone striking the metal sheets of the barn's structure,the size determined by the sound made as they struck the metal wall

of the barn in contrast to the much heavier stones that we heard falling to the ground while walking through Rendlesham Forest. This is probbaly the reason why we couldnt find the stones at Cradle Hill, -because they were small and there were quitea few stones and debris lying on the ground already close to the walls of the barn. We checked some of the small stones hoping that they would be very warm to the touch- like the ones in the

Forest but found no evidence of this. It may be that the stones that were ejected from what we belive was not very far away would not have been heated- but we dont know because the only expereince we have had with apports are the stones from Rendlesham Forest.
Before we made our way up to the Copse at the top of Cradle Hill we saw a chinese lantern travelling from the Warminster area a couple of hundred feet off the ground( approx) this was followed at two or three second intervals by two others.

While on the top of Cradle Hill at the Copse Dawn told me she had seen three lights low down in the sky that she first took to be the headlights of vehicles to the left of Battlesbury Hill area, what made this sighting odd was that the lights looked to be much larger that headlights at that distance.Nobody else witnessed the appearance of these 'Lights' a few seconds later the lights appeared closer to the ground before vanishing. Dawn is not certain at this point whether they were observed by any one else, but one should point out that there was a thunderstorm in progress in that general direction which was sheet lightning, flickering with vivid intensity every few seconds some considerable distance away. Colin said he had seen a red light very close to the ground approx 20ft away in the bushes/trees and something moving about but we didnt see anything.

Very few orbs were captured in film, this was one of them taken from the Copse at Cradle Hill. below photo enhanced/cropped using Picture it software

raindrops and single orb?

It looks like there is someone behind the tree but I have no doubt its another tree behind it
the eys can play tricks. here is a crop of that section of tree.

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