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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Our trip to see the publisher

Good news .At long last the 3rd Volume of Haunted Skies has been completed!

Currently I am in the process of sending two of the books off with a covering letter and copies of the reviews to Worcestershire Library. Although they havn't made any decision on stocking the books they want to see them and have pointed out while local authors, they believe our work should have a wider range lest hope they will stock them in every library!

If this does happen I will begin to contact other libraries, as common sense dictates that if they stock two (free) they will have to order a lot more.its worth risking two books (again)
At the moment I am completing the memory stick for the Weird Conference, and beginning work on matching the images for Volume 4 which has a foreword by Philip Mantle.This is a long and tedious job, the main bulk of the sightings are already on ms word, but its ensuring the images match up with the relevant dates, and then 'infilling' as I refer to the process of checking the archives I have to see if I have missed anything out, but hope to make a start at the end of August and get the book completed by Xmas 2011

Here are some photos I took,of Jon Downes and his beautiful wife and gorgeous dog Prudence who loves her Uncle John.! not forgetting the pussy cat!

Flying Saucer ‘over Hampshire 1977

Barbara Aves, living in Ringwood, Hampshire, who described herself as a sceptic of such matter’ (UFOs), soon changed her mind when, during the same year, she and her son saw one of the strangest things she had ever seen. It looked like an inverted saucer, all lit up, just hovering over the roof of my neighbour’s bungalow. After about five minutes, it moved away towards Wimborne. We talked about what we had seen and decided not to report it. What was the point? Nobody would believe us

When my son went to work, the following day, he was surprised to hear some of the workmates talking about a ‘flying saucer’ seen over Wimborne, by a man living in Grove Road, described as looking like ‘a rocket, with flames coming from the rear, heading West to East.” Enquires with the Police, at New Milton, revealed they had received a number of reports of a UFO sighted over Wimborne.

UFO over Warminster 1977

In a typed up letter signed by Arthur Shuttlewood and Chris Trubridge, obtained by Bristol UFO Researcher, Peter Tate, we learnt of a UFO photographed by Chris, (then a regular visitor to the Warminster area), during daylight, at 11.10 am. 3rd April 1977.

Arthur: “They were taken with a Praktica Super TL2 camera, equipped with a telephoto lens, using a 400-27 din black and white high speed film, on the Warminster road leading to Upton Scudamore.It first appeared as a round large ‘ball’ and then changed shape to cylindrical, or cigar shaped, gun metal grey in colour, throwing out radiant rays - like flashing jewels of light when the sun caught its flight.

It continued on its way south-west, then turned, veered, and showed its full length, grew enormous, then began to diminish rapidly until I became momentarily blinded from looking so intently at it. The main effect it had on me, apart from dropping so low and huge to the eye, was a tingling sensation over my exposed flesh, face and hands. This lasted for several minutes after it vanished from sight.”

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  1. Great pics John and even greater news about Volume 3! That friend of mine online in USA who brought your book works in a library I shall have to ask him if he could do anything to get it stocked over there.