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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A strange day for all of us!

As a retired Police Officer who served nearly 30 years with the West Midlands Policeand whose relatives are in the Force, I feel very angry about having to witness the indescribable scenes of public disorder that have and are taking place in the major Cities of the UK, when once again the Police stand between civilisation and anarchy.

However I am at a loss understand the attitude of this present Government towards reducing Police numbers, as part of a cost cutting exercise. Their policies have induced many Police Officers to feel that not only their jobs but their livelihood are at risk, the morale of the Police has plummeted. Whilst the Government have announced that front line jobs are not at risk, perhaps they may care to advise how officers from specialised Units can still continue to run these units efficiently? When there is not enough personnel to even run child care protection units.

I personally know some senior Officers who work up to 60-70hours a week on salary who have been told that their pension contributions will be raised soon and their wages will be reduced. One Officer tells me of a another cost cutting exercise involving scrapping the bonus for being on call and that it has been replaced with a 60pence per hour rate( with tax =36pence per hour ) and this is for a senior Officer!

Over the last few weeks the public will have wondered why so few Police cars have been seen on patrol. This is another cost cutting exercise involving saving petrol ‘Hot spots’ is what they are labelled. The response times have been changed from bad to worse because the staff has been depleted and the use of Police Vehicles on the road have been cut by drastically. When the cost cutting started Police Horses were done away withto save money, now we seem to need them judging from the events that are taking place in London. And now we need more officers! But crime continues to surge upwards!

Senior Police Officers are very worried about voicing their disapprovals, in case they lose their jobs. I am not a Politician or man of great intellect but a man of common sense and its this thread of logic that tells me that a strong Government will need a strong Police force. So the writing is already on the wall! Can they not see the King is threadbare and soon will have no clothes? Hopefully David Cameron and Theresa May will see what they are doing to this great Country and why it is that need to implement a strong force by increasing not decreasing Police numbers.

On the UFO front I spoke to Dennis Plunkett from the British Flying Saucer Bureau, he is a gentleman and has been researching UFOs for many years. He to always asks the same question when will they finally accept that 'UFO's exist.

More or less the same conversation with Nigel Frapple who spoke to me tonight about what it was he saw in 1954 and of the intimidation that followed. Nigel is trying to find out the name of the man who came to see him last year and borrowed all of his materialand has not brought it back! He cant remember the man's name but he came from Mere Wiltshire and is fanatic about UFO's must ask Kevin Goodman about this 'chappie'

Nigel Frapple was walking home from a dance, at Wincanton, Somerset - a regular journey, at 2.00 am. 20th May, 1954 - when he noticed an orange glow, low in the sky, which he took to be a farm, or house, on fire. Curious, he stopped near a farm gate, a short distance down the road, just past Red lynch crossroads, and crouched down to have a closer look.

“I was astonished to see this dome shaped object hovering approximately 40 feet off the ground in one of the nearby fields, a couple of hundred yards away. It had a cockpit in the centre, with three portholes, and was glowing with violet light. The outside of the ‘craft’ consisted of what looked like glass panelling, gun metal grey in colour.

At one end I could see an orange ‘ball’, cascading with light - like the disco lights you now see. The curious thing was that it didn’t appear to be attached to anything - just suspended in the air. Inside the cockpit were shadowy movements, indicating the presence of something, or someone, moving behind the light, spilling out of the portholes. After five minutes, or so, it moved as if it sensed me watching it. I stood up and took a couple of steps forward.

To my surprise, it tilted and shot off across the sky. When I arrived home in an extremely agitated state and told my brother what had happened, and later reported the incident to the police, at Bruton, ‘all hell then let loose’. I was besieged by reporters from local and National newspapers, including the BBC, who asked me to show them the field. View of scene, When we arrived there, we saw a blackened circle in the grass - still there l2 months later. I was bombarded with questions; somebody even asked me if I was drunk at the time! I told them that I had been drinking but had only consumed a couple of pints over the evening

Nigel made some enquires in the area and spoke to Mr. Henry Toogood, who lived in a cottage lower down the hill. He confirmed having also seen the ‘craft’ that evening, but from underneath. ‘It looked like a huge dinner plate, with something resembling metal balls set into the underneath.’

About a week later, Nigel received a visit from two smartly dressed men, who came to his house. “They didn’t show any ID but said they were from London. One of them was in his late fifties and wore a grey suit - he did all the talking. His companion was dressed in a dark pinstripe suit, wearing a bowler hat. He never said a word to me but kept his horrible ‘black eyes’ focused upon me in a most disconcerting way after I told them what had happened. Presuming they were from the Air Ministry, or branch of Government, the eldest of the two said, ‘If you persist in telling these silly stories, we’ll have to take you somewhere where you can’t tell them anymore

"They say that time is a great healer and that, as you get older, you forget many things in life. My recollection of what those two said to me will forever remain crystal clear in my memory.”

We discovered that Desmond Leslie had visited Nigel and interviewed him about his sighting, followed by the arrival of Captain Edward Plunkett of the British Flying Saucer Bureau and Flying Saucer Club.

As a result of Newspaper publicity regarding this incident, a Mrs. Doreen Heffer, from Five Oaks, Shobley, Ringwood, Hampshire, wrote to the ‘Western Gazette’ Newspaper, 4th June, 1954. “Sir, with reference to your account of the 'Mystery of the Air’, I should like to confirm that I saw exactly the same thing here, although not at such close range, about 11 o’clock at night. At first a huge glow appeared, which I thought might be a forest fire. When it topped the crest of a hill, I could see it was something moving forward. I thought a huge plane was on fire and expected something to drop off, but as it moved along, perfectly evenly on a straight course and did not lose height in any way, it left me baffled. It was exactly as your Somerset reader described - a yellow/orange glow, with a deeper shade which I imagine was the thing itself. Behind it, apparently following, was a sort of tall ‘thing’ of orange fire colour moving perfectly evenly, not very fast, and travelling towards
Ringwood.”(Source Flying Saucer News Summer/Autumn 1954 Number 6 Mr J Ibson)

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