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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Haunted Skies Volume 4 and 2003

Spent some time today checking 1968 and 1969 for content, ready for Dawn to proof read these two years again as I have added some extra cases. Then its on with a new decade 1970! I cannot believe that there has been this much activity and this is only the UK!

I sense that if there was a team doing this (and incorporating worldwide UFO events), the books would stretch to the Moon and back! all 238K miles.....

Ive been writing up about John Searl from Reading Berkshire and his levitating discs that he alleged could travel to the Moon in one and a half seconds....mmmmmnnn sems very far fetched.... He is still going strong and can be found on the Internet.!

Hope the Publisher will bear in mind soon about getting Haunted Skies on Kindle and E Books as I am receiving a lot of emails from people asking when this facility will be made available- over to you J.D!

I have also emailed West Midlands Library asking them if they want to stock Haunted Skies......will update you as we go on. I have just sent the cover of Volume 3 to Chuck Halt
who has told me that he is impressed with the books.

I have also sent the cover to Michael Hanlon on the Daily Mail maybe he might be inclined to publish something about us in due course.......

Photos shown is Wendell Stevens (who I had the pleasure of knowing)

Retired USAF Lt. Col. and UFO researcher Wendelle C. Stevens, author of such books as 1986's UFO Crash at Aztec: A Well-Kept Secret, has died at the age of 86. He passed away on Tuesday, September 7, 2010, at 4:21 p.m. of a massive heart attack. Another source says he died at 4:44 pm in his home in Tucson, Arizona of respiratory failure. He is dead, which is for certain.

Other photos are baby frog, an old ship mate at Portsmouth! Followed by the Monkey pic.

UFO over Tipton

Ray Brown with a degree in structural engineering was working for a Backcountry Developer in May 1990, redeveloping wasteland next to the old Tipton gas works, which involved clay capping certain areas where toxic chemicals had built up into unacceptable levels, from strip mining ground worked back in the early part of the 20th Century. As past of this clean up operation huge concrete floors left over from demolished factory buildings were blasted and then broken up by smashing them with a huge demolition ball operated from a crane, powered not by modern hydraulics but diesel.

For reasons that have never been established, some time during the afternoon, the gib of the crane raised itself, stretching the steel cable until it snapped, causing the gantry to buckle and crush the cab below it, fortunately, nobody was inside this cab at the time.

The incident with the crane was totally inexplicable. I cannot understand what forces could have raised the gib up. Something even stranger was to take place when, as I was in the process of leaving the site, at 4.30 p.m., I noticed three objects moving against the wind over Merry Hill. Puzzled by what these objects could be, I stood watching and then realised they were approach­ing the construction site, by which time I could make out what looked like three grey coloured 'spheres' in a triangular formation rotating as they moved across the sky over nearby fields.

Suddenly they stopped, completely motionless in the air, approximately twenty feet above my head. I stood not knowing what to do. I glanced at my watch to record the time and examined what looked like weathered 'spheres', without any sign of seams or joins. The 'sphere' at the back, making the point of the triangle, moved downwards - now forming three horizontal 'globes'.

I sensed that I was being watched, or evaluated, in some way. I moved slightly to one side, so did the objects. I moved the other way and they followed suit, as if copying my actions. I pondered on what to do again, trying to make sense of the situation. I could see that they were real, as they cast a shadow onto the ground. I bent down to pick-up a piece of broken brick to throw at them. In a split second, they vanished in front of me. I scanned the sky and was amazed to see what looked like the heat waves given off by an aircraft shimmering in the sky, moving towards Dudley Castle.”

Ray told us the sighting had lasted seventeen minutes and that he had reported the matter to the Birmingham UFO Society, run by Rob and Marilyn Aldworth, (who was to tragically commit suicide some years later) and that within twenty-four hours of the incident taking place, he began to itch and noticed a strange rash covering most of his body, apart from the face, hands and back.

During conversation with him about this rash, he became quite emotional and unbuttoned the front of his shirt revealing that his arms and chest were covered with red, scaly, patches, diagnosed as Psoriasis - (A condition that can appear anywhere on the skin, usually starting off as small red spots before eventually forming circular or oval patches, fifty to seventy-five millimetres across.)

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