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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Haunted Skies Journal 2.2.2013

Haunted Skies Journal 2nd February 2013


 UFOs the ongoing story! 420 Pages covering a mere
              2years of British UFO Activity!

We have now arranged for a look inside facility to be
placed onto Amazon so that people can read selected parts of the book. By the way we are pleased about the sales of this book, it appears to have outstripped all of the other put together!

                            Volume 8 (1980)
Currently we are working on the final month of Volume 8, which covers the period from Janaury 1980-December 1980. The first 11months wer'nt so bad, but sorting out the hundreds of images for December 1980 has without doubt been the hardest job we have ever taken on, never mind the 60 pages of script!  Hence the fact that we have not blogged much, sorry to everyone 
out there, who have supported us so far.

          This is a rare photograph of Sarah Falkland the Midlands News reader.
          She has had one of our books and found it fascinating! Sadly as you
          all know the Nationals have refused to publicise any of our work,
          never mind the local TV. One thing we thrive on is adversity!
          Here are some images you may like,first of all my beautiful daughter 
          Vicky who loves to take photos of her dad and then stick them on 
          facebook- pay back time Vixen!

                    Signs in our fire! 1921?   Vicky and Abbey!             
 (c) David Martin a Futoro Home one of these was parked in Todmored during the 1970's but was not the explaantion for what Alan Godfrey encounterd in November 1980

Alvechurch Village Magazine
This is a copy of the text sent to Richard Peach for inclusion in the next Magazine which is on line and goes all round the World.
It seemed the right opportunity to check out the on going series of Books entitled Haunted Skies which are being written and now published right in the heart of our Village.

The reader may remember that we published an article about retired police officer John Hanson and his partner Dawn Holloway endeavours to record the history of  UFO/strange phenomena in our July/August 2011 issue.

Volume 7 which is the couples latest offering  was published by John himself owing to the fact that after over two years the couple were finding the constant trips back and forwards to their  Devon based publisher sometimes twice a month arduous and very costly.

John” This Volume covers the events which took place between 1978 and 1979, and shows through its astonishing number of pages(420 in total) that activity was rife in and around the skies of the UK.

We didn’t intend to make this a large book but balanced the cost of the extra postage incurred against our policy not to leave anything out, as this forms part of our very important British Social UFO History. In addition to this just when we had thought we had completed it, a London based UFO researcher from the 1970’s sent us over 100 previously unpublished files from their study group”

I asked John if he had any personal views or opinions as to the source of the many hundreds if not thousands of sighting reports documented in the now published Volumes- 3 (1966-1967)  Volume 4 (1968-1971) Volume 5 (1972-1974) and the Jubilee Volume 6 (1975-1977) a copy of which was dedicated to Her Royal Majesty and sent to Buckingham Palace.

“UFO reports go back many thousands of years in our opinion. Currently we are in the process of completing Volume 8 which covers 1980. This will include a scrapbook section and also an update on other cases brought too our attention in colour! We are still looking for Illustrators that may be prepared to help us and are hoping to get Volume 7 onto Kindle very soon!”

John told me about  Hans a German soldier who was serving on the Russian front  in 1944 when thousands of German and Russian troops saw a silver cigar shaped object appear in the sky. This matter was reported to Berlin and presumably Adolf Hitler himself. Rather anecdotally the German soldiers knew the war was going badly for them after they captured a convoy of American trucks containing tons of chocolate!  On a more sober note Hans returned to the regiment after being wounded and found only one comrade remained alive from the ongoing conflict.

Another strange report found in Volume 1 came from Lesley Grant a British Serviceman, who was driving a captured German tank at Arnhem, in 1944 when he was warned by an officer not to go any further. Curiosity got the better of him when he had look he saw a landed grey saucer shaped object. When he tried to approach it he found himself being stopped by what felt like an invisible cushion.
John,” We came across a similar story involving milkman John Payne who was having a break at Winkleigh Airfield Devon when he saw what looked like a submarine shaped object with fins lying on the runway. He too was prevented from getting any closer by what he described as an invisible cushion, that you could actually lean on. He wasn’t

the only one a journalist from a Reading Newspaper tried to get close to a landed UFO during 1967. Unfortunately this was around the time when a number of bleeping flying saucers’ were discovered at various locations around the UK. When the Police opened them they found they had been filled with fertilizer: - part of a students rag day’ prank!  So the journalist never published what she had seen, but the story was known at the time to her colleagues who had been with her at the time
Recently as a result of an appeal in a Police Magazine John and Dawn were contacted by anumber of officers from Superintendent down to PC who brought
 to their attention the following incidents,

1- A report of ball lightning, by a cadet on lollipop patrol in the 1960’s,

2- A Special Constable from Kent who was with two other officers when they saw three black disc shaped object moving over  the sky in formation at Minnis Bay, Birchington -on –Sea, way back in the 1950’s.

3-A retired PC from the Nottinghamshire Constabulary told of an object that had landed in 1976.

4- A retired London Police Sergeant was on duty at the Police Station when a family came in to report having seen a mysterious green globe land in nearby marshes. A search was carried out but nothing was found. When the Sergeant contacted Fylingdales in Yorkshire they told him to send a motorcycle officer up the next morning with the report.

5- A report from a retired Superintendent, of nine lights seen 
moving in formation over Gillingham Kent  in 1966. 

6- A retired Detective Inspector from Oxfordshire was on patrol during the early hours of the morning when his Police car struck an invisible object and ended up pointing the wrong way at Kidlington in 1978. This may sound quite humorous and impossible to believe but the car’s roof was squashed down 18inches from whatever it collided with

totally inexplicable.

But what’s behind all of this I asked John, “The million dollar question, the simple answer is we don’t know and are not prepared to speculate. But surely at the end of the day matters such as these are not only worth investigating but recording. They form part of our social history”

I can be contacted on  or by telephone 0121.445.0340 John Hanson retired Police Officer West Midlands and Dawn Holloway.

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