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Monday, 14 January 2013

Haunted Skies.Trip to Wiltshire.

    Haunted Skies Update January 14th 2013
Today Monday the 14th I went to the Post Office and posted signed copies of Haunted Skies books to various people that had ordered them from me. The 2nd class postage for the earlier Volumes is now costing me £1.90 for 320 pages.

Volume 7 is now classed as a ‘packet’ appropriate bearing in mind its costs us a packet of £3.50 to send the book, which I am well aware of but we didn’t have much of a choice; the work is far too important not to publish. Under the circumstances if anyone wants a copy of Volume 7 signed and sent to them I would ask them if they were prepared to help us by contributing £1.50 towards the postage for Volume 7 and £1 for any of the earlier Volumes. This is more than fair as for the last 2 and half years I have have been paying the postage on every book out of my own pocket, not forgetting Volume 7 has 100 extra pages of information!

Volume 8 (1980) is still being worked on, and will be in colour which is quite exciting, although we haven’t settled on a front cover yet. 
Trip to gloomy Wiltshire
On Saturday last my son Alex and his girlfriend Sonja accompanied by her young son ‘Ollie’ decided to visit the delights of Wiltshire, taking in the sights of West Kennet 
    Alex and Sonja freezing their butts off!

West kennet Longbarrow a dark and brooding day!

Silbury Hill, in its magnificence!
Adams Grave, Avebury, and the delightful ‘Barge pub’ now ran by Amanda and her partner. The first photo was where the ladeis toilet was before alterations. They are in the process of re turfing the strip of land that was the seating area and have placed a sarsen stone in the middle.

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