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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Volume 7 Haunted Skies real treat in store coming!


VOLUME 7 Haunted Skies 1978-1979 Bumper edition coming soon.........................
Well Volume 7 is drawing to a close Bob Tibbitts who is typesetting the work is nearly completed
This has been a mammoth task, but we believe the reader will enjoy reading exactly what took place all those years ago, knowing that this is unique material, and forms part of our social history.  
Its been a long day for me I was up to 1.30am sending Bob the1977 mass of sightings and reports all of which have to be checked and inserted onto Microsoft word documents before Dawn starts proofing them. 
Request from Mathew Dell

Any body out there with reports of Shadow Men!Dear Mr. Hanson, I recently conducted an interview with Jonathan Downes regarding a book I am writing regarding shadow men. After the interview I asked him if there were any other people I should talk to regarding this phenomena and he gave me your email address as he thought you may have some information I could use. I’m looking for any first hand accounts or witness reports of people who have encountered shadow type entities especially if the got a good look at the and not just out of the corner of their eye. As I feel this stands up to scrutiny better and generally yields more details. Any help and advice you could give on the subject would be most appreciated.
UFO over London
Paul was between 15-17 yrs old and living with his mother Ivy in a ground floor council flat at 24, Kent Court, South Hackney, next to Queen bridge road during the early 1980’s  
 One evening he arrived home at around 9 pm, but was unable to get into the flat as he didn’t have a key.   After several knocks on the front door, and receiving no answer although the lights were on, he presumed his mother was probably in Bill’s house next door at number 25, as they were on good terms with him. Paul decided to make his way to Bill's flat. As he was about to walk left into Bill's pathway his attention was drawn to a high pitch wailing sound noise , child like in some way that was coming from upstairs in the block, a little further down on the top landing. His first thoughts were could it have been children, unusual as to his knowledge there were no children up there
I began to sense a spiraling movement directly above me, which at first, made me think that someone was shaking a carpet over the top balcony, creating a swirling distorted image. The sounds along the top landing had distinctly given way to a contrasting silence, as I began to study intently, this rather unusual pattern of movement, which clearly was not a carpet being shaken over the balcony, but something much higher up , higher than the balcony , and it was moving fast , spiraling erratically above Kent Court, which is 33ft high. I speculated on whether it was possibly some dark grey pigeons from the roof, fluttering and flying around in a circle formation but, at that time in the evening seemed very odd indeed. Then to my sudden amazement, from this dark rotating movement began to emerge a very solid structure , spinning itself in complete silence , almost indistinguishable against the Hackney night sky.
It started to slow down, quickly, in a very controlled manner. It reached a pace of rotation that enabled me to see into it's curved inner structure very clearly. It was a concaved shaped design of strong dull- dark grey metal. It's appearance was so strikingly dull that it matched the very sky itself that it was spinning in .

To see how this object used this perfect camouflage was very impressive indeed. The dull grey metal , turning in the sky , up there in the heavens , spiraling around like a piece of magic before my eyes , rotating steadily , behaving like an inner-drum of a washing machine , and with a Saint Paul's cathedral inner -globe presence and  magnificence about it . Although this object was displaying this incredible technology in front of my eyes, it also had an ancient, timeless aura.

I could really sense some very strong powerful mechanics pulsating through this heavy looking structure, enabling it to somehow remain stationary above Kent court .”Paul gazed in absolute wonder at this spinning concaved spectacle in the sky, which suddenly moved slowly and gently backwards . At this point, because of the building (Kent Court) which was directly in front of him, he lost sight of it and was left staring up into a blank sky.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Haunted Skies update under new management

Haunted Skies news
END of an Era -a new one Begins

Hi to everyone out there. I’m sorry to tell you that, we
have parted company with our publisher John Downes.
This was due to our money running out! He and his
darling wife Corinna  are sadly missed not forgetting
Prudence their lovely dog
But we shall be continuing with Haunted Skies up here
and will update you next week.

For those of you that aren’t aware of how we produce
Haunted Skies may we explain that it is a full time job
sorting out, cataloguing and going through mountains of
UFO files accumulated over the years. This takes time!
And there are only two of us. We don’t get any help with
this project, its just Dawn and myself.   However we
would like to thank people such as Don Ramkin from London
a good friend and supporter of what we have been doing
over the many years, since we first told him what we were
planning during one of many visits to Rendlesham Forest.
I would also like to thank Bob Tibbitts who is preparing
Volume 7 and David Bryant who recently introduced me
to some of the Astronauts who attended an autograph
signing convention. (Psss there was a rumour that Buzz
Aldrin charges £275 per signature

I will try and let people know what is going on with the
books each week by way of this blog on Haunted Skies.
and ask you to be patient at this difficult time.
We can be contacted on 0121.445.0340 and look forward
to receiving the same level of support as before, warm regards
to all thos that know us John and Dawn

Friday, 12 October 2012

HAUNTED SKIES: Update 10th October 2012

We are delighted to tell the readers that Haunted Skies 6 is now with us.

We had a great time at the BUFORA Conference and met many well respected researchers. Thank you Matt Lyons, Heather Dixon and John Wickham for looking after us so well. It was great to see our friend Dot Street.

22nd September 2012 LAS VEGAS -- Former Air Force Col. Charles Halt accused the federal government of a UFO cover-up that involves a secret agency to deal with what might be extraterrestrial visitations. “I’m firmly convinced there's an agency, and there is an effort to suppress,” Halt told an audience of 200 people Saturday night at the Smithsonian-affiliated Museum.

From Mick Walters
Room in the Roof Writing Group Renegade Writing Group Newcastle Writing Group
an evening of poetry and prose for the Dyslexia Association of Staffordshire
Charity reading event 
Venue: Staffordshire University conference room at the Thompson Library
DATE: Friday 19th October 2012
TIME: 7pm for 7:30pm prompt start 
Come along and enjoy an interesting evening of readings from Room in the Roof, Renegade and Newcastle writing group
Authors books available 
TICKETS: £3.00 all proceeds going to the charity.

From Jim Peniston New book coming….

We are pleased to be able to make a major announcement today.

We have received and decided to accept an offer from a major US publishing house in respect of our book. The book will be published by St. Martin's Press and the provisional title is Rendezvous at Rendlesham. St. Martin's Press is one of the largest publishers in the United States and we are pleased to be working with a company that has a proven track record of publishing books from some of the world's best-known authors.

It is our belief that the Rendlesham Forest incident is a bigger and more significant UFO case than Roswell. It is our intention, in this book, to place into the public domain everything that we know about the extraordinary series of events that took place at Bentwaters and Woodbridge, both during the encounters themselves, and in the aftermath. While there have been previous books on the subject, they have been written by people in the UFO community. Now, the military personnel at the heart of this incident will finally have their say.

This case has been devilled by misinformation, disinformation and by people wanting to write themselves into the story. We intend to set the record straight and tell the full story of these extraordinary events for the first time. We do so in order to reveal the truth about events that we believe are of immense historical significance and public interest. We also do so for the men and women stationed at Bentwaters and Woodbridge at the time, many of whom have suffered as a result of what happened. It is our hope that the publication of this book will lead to the wrongs they have suffered being righted.

In writing this book we have decided to work with former UK Ministry of Defense employee Nick Pope. There are several reasons for this. Nick is an experienced author, journalist and broadcaster with a high mainstream media profile both in the UK and in the US, where he now lives. More importantly, his 21-year government career means that he understands the culture and ethos of the military personnel at the heart of this story in a way that ufologists do not. The fact that one of his postings was to MoD's UFO project, where he undertook a cold case review of the Rendlesham Forest incident, means that he is intimately familiar with the intricacies of this case. Finally, the fact that he held - as did we - a TS/SCI security clearance, means that he understands the sensitivities involved.

We are also working with a lawyer, Pat Frascogna, who is advising us on a wide range of legal issues associated with the case. As an attorney, Pat is also making a series of carefully targeted Freedom of Information Act requests for documents relating to our military service and to the Rendlesham Forest incident more generally. This will supplement the significant number of government and military documents that we have already amassed.

We appreciate that people will have many comments and questions, but for the time being, we have little further to say. Clearly our priority now must be to concentrate on the book itself. We will make further announcements when we have something relevant to say (e.g. notification of the publication date), but neither we nor Nick will enter into discussions with people over this before publication, except in the case of those with direct involvement in these events, who we will be speaking to as part of the process of putting together the book. Generally speaking, we will not be engaging with the UFO community on this. Our book is not about ufologists, but about the men and women who served at the twin bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge and were caught up in these extraordinary events.

We hope you are as excited about this major new development as we are and we look forward to sharing with you the definitive insiders' account of the Rendlesham Forest incident.

John Burroughs and Jim Penniston, September 26, 2012

From Jason who contacted us recently.

UFO over Staffordshire
One summer night in 1994 I had taken my daughter & some of her friends ice skating in Solihull. On the way back we travelled along the M42/M6 towards Lichfield. As we exited the Motorway at Coleshill, right in front of us was a strange light in the sky. The evening was late, probably getting on for 10.00pm, but a very clear night, the sun had not yet set & really was like day light. The light in the sky looked exactly like a fluorescent strip light just hanging there as clear, bright & as sharp as anything. I asked my daughter & the other passengers if they could see the light & they all could. We were all absolutely amazed as to what it could be. The girls in the car were quite scared by what they were seeing as it was most extraordinary & all I could think was “that shouldn't be there”

The light was about one inch to one inch & a half in size. We saw it for a good few minutes as we drove off the motorway and towards Lichfield past the Bellfrey golf club. Past the Belfry, we only saw it intermittently through the trees as the road twisted & rose & fell. Just before we got to the Bassetts Pole round about we lost sight of the light all together. At the Bassetts Pole round about we had a clear view of the sky & the light was nowhere to be seen.

By biggest regret is that I didn't stop the car to get a better / longer look. I didn't stop for two reasons, firstly I needed to get my daughters friends back to their parents & secondly the girls including my daughter were all a bit upset by the light & I didn't want to alarm them more.

When I first saw the light it appeared to be vertical. However as the road twisted & turned I could see that the light was actually inclined at an angle of about 45 degrees. Years later in a record shop I saw an image that was exactly like what I had seen. It was the album cover of David Gray's "White Ladder" record

From Chris Hanson Marathon man x3 
As many of you know in September last year, Holly my daughter was born almost 3 months early. She weighed just 2lbs 5ozs she was very poorly and spent over three months in the special care baby unit (SCBU) at Kettering Hospital.

She had lots of problems, including bleeding on her brain, bleeding in her lungs and a pronounced heart murmur. Of course we could never have anticipated this and found ourselves somewhat bewildered and terribly worried for Holly. What we didn't expect was the SCBU accommodating us within the unit so we could be close to Holly. The thought of leaving her overnight was unbearable.

The unit has created a parents suite - funded entirely through charitable donations to allow Mums and Dads to be by their baby's side. We will never forget how kind and compassionate the staff was and I would love to raise some funds for the parent’s suite. I'm therefore intending to trace Holly's steps and run from my house to the SCBU on Sunday the 16th September, a distance of approximately 70 miles. I will be leaving my house at 6am and hope to complete the run in 12 hours. Kindest regards Chris, Jo and Holly x x   Chris did the run of 70miles!

From Jools

Has anyone reported seeing strange lights in the sky last night over 
the Birmingham city centre/Edgebaston?  I looked out my window about 10pm and saw something really bright, it looked different to a star or planet, I got my binoculars(which arent [sic] very good) and I saw three bright lights together, couldn’t see anything else. I noticed a plane or helicopter in distance near to it but they went. The lights got hidden  from my line of view behind tree for a while and when i [sic] looked out again they where [sic] higher in the sky, [sic] It looked odd not a plane, was wondering if it was the space station or something like that it was odd to say the least I’m not sure if any stars or planets would look like that. Let me know if you heard anything about what it was, can’t find anything online this morning.

The British UFO Research Association presents:
BUFORA 50th Anniversary Conference
Dining and luxury facilities within the Holiday Inn at
Hotel Front Desk: 0207 833 3900

Conference speakers are covering a wide range of new material for this special year marking a half century of one of the oldest and internationally respected UFO groups, continuing its research and investigation into the phenomenon. For more information visit us at

Sponsored by:
Part of the Healings of Atlantis magazine group
Timetable: (speaker biographies and subjects appear below the timetable)

Starts at 10.00

Lionel Beer                         
Anecdotes and Conspiracy
Heather Dixon                  
UFOs - Developing an understanding of the Reality behind the Myths.
John Spencer         
Political, Cultural & Social influences of UFOs.
Lunch approximately begins at 1.15

Afternoon session
Jenny Randles (via live video link)
3 cases that changed BUFORA
Lionel Fanthorpe  
Behind all the Anomalous reports

Clas Svahn     
Ghost Rockets

Starts 9.15
Lionel Beer  Introducing the second day speakers:         

Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos   
The FOTOCAT Database:  A tool for the present and the future
John Hanson          
Rendlesham: More UFOs and anomalies          
Lunch approximately 12.00

Afternoon session

Richard Conway                
Our way to the stars (L.E.N.R. and demonstrations)
Geoff Falla              
Vehicle Interference Cases
Tony Eccles            
Amnamnesis project
Dave Newton                    
Fascination of UFOs
Ross Hemsworth              
Rendlesham Forest New experiences & views

Closing words from Matt Lyons, Chairman session closes at 7.00 pm

For further details about BUFORA, Please visit our website pages at
This conference is dedicated with respect and gratitude of all the hard work in research and investigation of all BUFORA contributors over the last five decades, including those who have passed away. The legacy lives on, which would have pleased our first chairman, Nigel Stephenson.
Nigel Stephenson, our first chairman and images of the inaugural conference tickets.

Lecture biographies and summary of presentations:
Hon. President Lionel Beer:
Lionel Beer was a founder member in 1962 and with Nigel Stephenson (Founder-Chairman) arranged the BUFOA inaugural convention. He has served as an officer/director almost continually since, concentrating on publicity, lectures and conferences. BUFORA chairman 1977-79, publisher of Spacelink magazine 1967-71. Instigator of the first formal UFO study course in London, at Morley College. 1979, featured on BBC National TV news. Other interests include earth mysteries, ephemera, Forteana, outer space and steam railways. Life member of the National Trust. Lionel’s father, E.J.Beer, was a pioneer of viscose rayon.
Lionel started his Spacelink book service in 1967, which supplies a diverse range of books from authors in the UFO, Crop Circle, Ancient Mysteries, History and Cryptozoology genres. He published ‘The Moving Statue of Ballinspittle’ in 1986 and also founded the Travel, earth and Mysteries Society (TEMS) in 1992. He also founded the Metropolitan Water Board Railway Society in 2003, to preserve a 2ft railway close to his home in Middlesex.
Lionel is also a life member of English heritage, ASSAP and Kempton Great Engine Society.
Lionel will give an anecdotal overview of some notable general and personal thoughts and stories from the last five decades of BUFORA. He will also reveal some information that has never been known in the public domain before.
Heather Dixon:                                                     
Heather Dixon is the National Investigations Coordinator for BUFORA and past editor for the now defunct Strange Times Magazine.  She has had a lifetime interest in extraordinary human experiences specifically focusing her research into claims of high strangeness cases reported to BUFORA, near-death experiences and reports of after-death contact.
Her interest in the UFO subject began in the seventies whilst living and working in the USA where her father was an aeronautical engineer in the Space Programme during the sixties and seventies.
She has also conducted many years of extensive research into an area of abnormal psychology known as Cluster B personality disorders including Psychopathy.   She specifically focuses her research into the emotionally distressing psychological effects upon the partners and families of those who have experienced the impact of these disturbing and destructive relationships.
UFOs - Developing an understanding of the Reality behind the Myths
Examining the nature of perception and beliefs and how these dramatically influence the reporting of a sighting, particularly in relation to claims of high strangeness experiences, and the responsibility of the investigator to the witness in conducting objective and rigorous research.
John Spencer:  
John Spencer was an active researcher of the paranormal for over thirty years. He held many offices, including Chair, of the British UFO Research Association, and was an active member and/or researcher for the Ghost Club, the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), and the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP).
He was also a member of many active local groups and led research teams experimenting into such phenomena as ghosts, poltergeists, PK, ESP, survival of spirit, alternative healing, channelling, etc.
John has given many lectures to paranormal research groups, astronomical societies (including both Oxford and Cambridge Universities) and other scientific institutions.
John regularly appeared in the media. He has contributed to many newspapers throughout the U.K., featured on hundreds of local and national radio stations, has broadcast in live debates or 'phone ins' to Hong Kong, the Falklands, Germany, Cyprus, Japan, Russia and the Soviet bloc, as well as within the U.K. He has appeared in several television programmes covering the UFO and paranormal phenomena within the United States, Belgium, Austria and Spain, as well as appearances in the United Kingdom.
John has appeared in several 'sell through' video productions for sale in the U.K. and abroad. He has been, and is, consultant and writer for several projects on UFOs, ghosts and other paranormal subjects, including a major Carlton TV production. He was also consultant to a major multimedia (CD-ROM) project which outsold all previous titles in its first month of release.
John was consultant to an Usborne Book project involving many paranormal-subject titles, and was principal author and series editor of a book series written in conjunction with the Sci-Fi Channel and published by Orion.

The Political, Cultural and Social influences on UFOs.
Since they were ‘officially’ recognised as a phenomenon in their own right in 1947 the subject of UFOs has gone through many migrations and evolutions. In this talk John Spencer discusses those influences, and charts the progress of the UFO phenomenon in parallel with the political, cultural and social changes over those 65 years highlighting what questions such changes bring, and what answers might be possible
Jenny Randles: (via Video link)
Jenny joined BUFORA in the early 1970s and was a council member during the 70s, 80s and 90s. She was coordinator of the National Investigations Committee between 1981 and 1994. She also ran UFO Call, a BUFORA news update service from its inception to the late 90s and produced a number of publications for the organisation.
During this period BUFORA pioneered several initiatives, including the creation of a training programme and postal course to help develop investigator skills. It also saw the adoption of the code of practice to give protection to witnesses as well as a moratorium and eventual ban on the use of regression hypnosis.
Jenny edited the publication, Northern UFO News, for 25 years and has written 50 books about UFOs and the paranormal. She has scripted and presented TV and radio programmes on the subject for the BBC and was the story consultant on the ITV series, ‘Strange But True?’ that ran between 1994 and 1997, writing the books based on the show.

My presentation will look at three case investigations from my time with the BUFORA NIC. Each one had a major influence on how we thought about the UFO phenomenon, or about how we needed to investigate the subject.

There are many cases that I could select, but I have opted for the following three:

(1)        Peter Day, Oxfordshire, movie footage from 1973:
This case taught many lessons including the need to interview all possible witnesses and cross correlate evidence and the importance of patience when seeking a resolution.
(2)        Mass witness sighting, across the UK, New Year’s Eve 1978:
This was an encounter that revealed important clues about witness perception – showing the need to work backwards from what is being described to what was actually present.
(3)        The multiple mid-air encounters over the UK in summer 1991:
A series of sightings involving commercial aircraft that unfolded only when we discovered how to open the barriers of disclosure of evidence. As a result we learned that unsolved UFOs often go unreported, can cause a threat to public safety but that to dig deeper we need to temper how we talk about the mystery that we investigate.

Lionel Fanthorpe:
Lionel was born in Dereham, Norfolk, England and worked as a Journalist in Cromer, before training as a Teacher. He was Further Education Tutor at Gamlingay Village College in Cambridgeshire until he was head-hunted to become the Chief Training Executive for the Phoenix Timber Group in Essex. For over ten years he was Headmaster (Principal) of a big Comprehensive High School in Cardiff.
Lionel is President of ASSAP (The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) and Patricia is First Lady. His showbiz career started with Anglia TV and BBC Look East way back in the 'fifties.
He's now a popular TV and Radio presenter and celebrity guest on chat shows. He's also a singer-songwriter with a CD album of Unsolved Mystery songs for Voice Print Records: Lionel's lead singer for John Downes and the Amphibians. He's also the author of over 250 books -- several of which his wife, Patricia, co-authored with him.
His qualifications include a Government Teaching Certificate from Cambridge University's Institute of Education with an Advanced Main Subject Distinction, an Upper Second Class BA Honours Degree, Fellowship of the College of Preceptors (equivalent to a Master’s degree) and Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Management (equivalent to an MBA or an M.Sc. in Management Science).He's currently Director of Media Studies at Cardiff Academy. He’s a member of the Ghost Club, Mensa and the Welsh Academy.
Lionel is President of Jumbo GB, the bikers' charity which helps children with special needs.
As a former Harley Davidson owner currently riding a big Kawasaki 1500 Drifter, he’s President of a Bikers’ Charity called Jumbo, who take kids with special needs and their parents for fun days out.  He’s also a fully ordained Anglican Priest.  He’s a qualified weight–training instructor and a Dan Grade martial arts instructor. He often works an eighteen hour day seven days a week – and he loves every minute of it!
Patricia and Lionel were married in 1957 and Patricia acts as agent, manager, business partner and PR exec as well!
Behind All the Anomalous Reports:
When honest and reliable witnesses report strange aerial phenomena -- and other weird things -- what might be causing them?  Do reports of UFOs sometimes overlap strangely with more traditional reports of the paranormal? We live in a very strange universe.  Its mysteries and secrets are not easily solved.  Are we looking widely and deeply enough at the possible phenomena behind all the reports?

Clas Svahn:

Clas Svahn (1958- ) is a UFO-researcher, head of UFO-Sweden and journalist at Sweden's largest morning newspaper Dagens Nyheter. He is the author of eleven books and co-author or contributor to fourteen others on various topics from UFOs and cults to unusual natural phenomena and the paranormal. He writes a daily blog about UFOs since
2005. He is vice chairman of Archives for UFO Research, the world's largest archives on unusual and unexplained phenomena. Clas often travels to Britain to cooperate with other archives and Ufologists and to bring back material to AFU. He lives with his wife and two boys in Järfälla outside Stockholm.

Ghost Rockets:
 Ghost Rockets are one of the truly enigmatic phenomena in UFO history. Not only did they crash into lakes in northern Scandinavia, without leaving a trace; but they left depressions in the bottom. They were also reported flying over Sweden, Norway and Finland in the thousands in1946. These cigar shaped objects have continued to be reported up to this day. Clas Svahn has talked to witnesses, interviewed military investigators, researched secret archives and only months ago; he led an expedition trying to find one of these crashed UFOs in a remote part of Sweden. A member of the Archives for UFO Research, Clas will tell the stories never told and give you a tour into the world’s largest archives for the unknown.

Sunday: Lionel Beer introduces day 2
Vicente Juan Ballester-Olmos:
Born, Valencia (Spain), December 27, 1948
Bachillerato Superior, and Preuniversitario (Bachelor’s Degree), Colegio San José (Padres Jesuitas), Valencia, 1967. Holder of Diploma in Fortran IV programming language, Departamento de Lógica y Filosofía de la Ciencia, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Valencia, 1973. Self-taught student of many scientific disciplines
*1968-1973: Founder and President, Círculo de Estudios sobre Objetos No Identificados (CEONI), Valencia, Spain
*1969-1970: Founder of Equipo Nacional de Investigadores (ENI), Spain
*1978-1982: Coordinator of Consejo de Consultores de Stendek, Spain
*1983-1985: Journal editor-in-chief, UPIAR Research in Progress, Milano, Italy
*1992-1999: Director of Investigations, Centro de Estudios Interplanetarios (CEI), Barcelona, Spain
*1997-2004: Cofounder, Vice-president and Research Director, Anomaly Foundation, Santander (Spain)
*2005: member, Steering Committee, Euro UFO Network
*2009: member, NICAP’s A-Team
*Member, representative, adviser, consultant to a number of the most important UFO societies and journals in the world: Mutual UFO Network, Inc. (MUFON), J.A. Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), Society for the Scientific Exploration (SSE), International Technical Specialist, National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP), European Journal of UFO and Abduction Studies, Cuadernos de Ufología, Revista UFO, amongst others.
A Catalogue of 200 Type-I UFO Events in Spain and Portugal, Center for UFO Studies (Evanston, Illinois), April 1976. Foreword: by Jacques Vallée.
OVNIS: El fenómeno aterrizaje, Plaza & Janés (Barcelona), 1978, 1979, and1984. Foreword by Dr. Jacques Vallée.
Los OVNIS y la Ciencia (with Miguel Guasp), Plaza & Janés (Barcelona), 1981, and1989. Foreword by Dr. J. Allen Hynek.
Investigación OVNI, Plaza & Janés (Barcelona), 1984. Foreword by Dr. Richard Haines.
Enciclopedia de los encuentros cercanos con OVNIS (with Juan Antonio  Fernández), Plaza & Janés (Barcelona), 1987
Expedientes insólitos, Temas de Hoy (Madrid), 1995. Foreword by Javier Sierra. Epilogue by Dr. Jacques Vallée.
Norway in UFO Photographs: The First Catalogue (with Ole Jonny Brænne). UPIAR (Torino, Italy), September 2008.
*1998: Biographical quotation in Marquis Who’s Who in the World.
*2001: Unique civil ufologist interviewed by the Revista Española de Defensa (official publication of the Spanish Ministry of Defense):
Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos has been investigating UFO phenomena since 1966, he is an active promoter of scientific-oriented ufology and he is proactively focused to team work. A correspondent and friend to the most noted figures of the field in the last 35+ years.
Mr Ballester Olmos is the author of over 340 publications, essays, articles, case inquiries, bibliographies, book reviews, technical reports, etc. since 1965. His bibliography can be consulted on-line in the following url:
Mr Ballester Olmos has given frequent speeches in many UFO congresses held in Spain, France, England, Germany, Italy, and the United States of America.
From 1992 to 1999, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos played a fundamental role in promoting and supervising the start and development of the process of declassification of UFO archives from the Spanish Air Force, through an active cooperation with the Intelligence Section of the Air Operative Command (now Combat Air Command).
From year 2001, Mr Ballester Olmos is managing the FOTOCAT Project, an in-progress project from the Spanish not-for-profit Anomaly Foundation, aimed to create the largest worldwide catalogue of UFO cases where photographs, films or videos have been achieved. 9,500 cases are recorded now.
Preservation, organization and scientific exploitation of data are the key words in the development of FOTOCAT. The building of a catalogue of worldwide UFO and IFO sightings where images exist is the aim of this project. Since year 2000, a special archive of 11,000 reports has been created at a rate of 1,000 new events per year, closing 2005 year-end. The material archive collects all available information on every entry, including newspaper, journal and book documentation, investigative reports, picture prints, slides, film & video footage, and digital imagery. A computer-based databank containing over 20 basic data columns (FOTOCAT) gives shape to the catalogue. This lecture explores the six FOTOCAT reports produced to date, theme reports (spherical UFOs), year reports (1954 wave), country reports (Norway, France), or country-year reports (Argentina 1965, Antarctica July 1965), and 3 in-progress reports (ball lightning, Chile, 1947.) A general statistical overview of the full catalogue is presented, along with a special report covering the Great Britain cases known to this compiler.
John Hanson:

John Hanson is a retired Police Officer from the West Midlands who served nearly 30years with the force, half of which was in the CID. He is the first to freely admit that he previously had no interest in such matters and would had dismissed such accounts out of hand, as fanciful or the result of a vivid imagination.
Following the sighting of a UFO seen over Birmingham in 1995 his interest was triggered and he decided to look for a rational answer - There wasn’t one. During the same year he met Dawn Holloway, who is now his current partner. John and Dawn decided to write a book entitled ’UFOS the Chronicle of a Phenomenon' believing they were going to write four books! It took them 15years of research before they tried again. They have now published four Volumes of an intended twelve Volume series covering the British UFO period of the 20th Century, believing that UFO history should be preserved as it forms part of our Social history.
Rendlesham Forest, more UFOs and anomalies:
John's talk is going to include a number of photographic images taken during many visits to Rendlesham Forest over the years. He will also show a film which was taken on the 27th of December 2000 that shows a peculiar number of lights apparently hovering over the forest. He will also talk and show some photographs of some anomalous objects which fell to earth there. The events that took place at Rendlesham Forest will be outlined thoroughly in Volume 7 of Haunted Skies.
Richard Conway:

Richard Conway is the acting science officer for BUFORA. By profession he is a computer programmer with some 15 years’ experience. His hobbies and "fringe" interests include investigations into "free" energy technology such as zero point, LENR, hydroxy gas production and other forms of energy production, some scientifically explicable and others prone to controversy. Richard holds post grad diplomas degrees in Economics, Computer Science and Physics.  Richard has been a member of BUFORA for 20 years and is a fervent believer that one day we will reach the stars through our own intellect.

Ufology and pseudo-science: never the twain shall meet:
In this talk Richard Conway will dissect some typical claims of pseudo-scientists and authors that purport to have found physical phenomenon that regular science has missed, some inspired by the intervention or direct messages given by aliens. He will describe a first-hand story that took place in Turkey and try and depict common traits of those that proclaim radical theories. He will refer to cases and events, some entrenched in Ufological lore and others on the periphery of our subject but interesting nevertheless.

Geoff Falla:
Born and educated in Guernsey, Channel Islands, Geoff developed interests in unexplained phenomena and space research. A founder member of Guernsey Astronomy Section in 1972, Geoff has also been a member of BUFORA since 1969. He has specialised in case summaries describing reported effects on vehicles during UFO sightings.
Vehicle Interference Reports:
Geoff will be giving us an insight in to the hundreds of mostly temporary effects on vehicles, during close proximity to UFO sightings. With so many cases reported on a worldwide basis, they include incidents involving aircraft, cars and ships. Effects include power loss and lightning, radio interference and navigation problems.
Tony Eccles:
Tony Eccles has been a member of BUFORA and an accredited investigator since 1993. His primary research interest is the Close Encounter of the Third and Fourth Kind. As an ethnographer, his work explores the role of close encounter witnesses in a modern world and the deeply rooted need in Western society for a connection with a higher intelligence.
Previously, Tony was also one of the co-founders of the Merseyside Anomalies Research Association (MARA) in 1997.  His book, A Different Sky, was published in 2003 and documents reported strange sightings and experiences from the Merseyside region over a ten year period.
Tony Eccles has worked in the heritage sector for eighteen years and is currently employed as the Curator of Ethnography at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter. His blog, also called A Different Sky, is updated during lunchtime. More on Tony can be at his website:

Amnamnesis - a study of the close encounter experience.
In 2010, Tony re-initiated a BUFORA project called Anamnesis. This projected was intended to study individuals who claimed to have experienced close encounter events. It was hoped that by understanding an individual's life that the close encounter experience would be better understood. This fresh approach to close encounter research revealed some interesting characteristics.
Amnamnesis was originally designed in 1981 by former investigator and sociologist Ken Phillips and Dr. Alex Keul, a psychologist at the University of Salzburg. This also led to the development of the Witness Support Group. Due to Ken’s untimely death in the 1990s, the research project came to a halt. It is now hoped that this witness study will continue but without a WSG.
Dave Newton:
Dave Newton is an astrophysicist and former physics teacher who now works in IT project management. He has been an amateur astronomer and active observer of the night sky for over 30 years, and is a founder member of the Sunderland Astronomical Society. Dave also has a lifelong interest in UFOs and strange phenomena, and has been involved in many investigations over the last twenty years.
The fascination of UFOs:
Dave Newton will examine the UFO phenomenon from an astronomical perspective and will re-evaluate the Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis in the light of 65+ years of UFO evidence.

Ross Hemsworth:
Ross Hemsworth is host of the TV chat show Now THAT'S Weird on Edge Media TV (Sky Channel 200) and the radio show of the same name. He also presents a weekly radio talk show called Nailing It which is syndicated globally.
A former Director of the Laughlin UFO Conference (UFO Congress) before its sale a couple of years ago to the current owners who moved it to Phoenix, Ross is no stranger to Ufology. He was a media advisor to Exopolitics but decided to leave after what he called 'too much internal battling and not enough real research'.

Rendlesham Forest New Views and Experiences:
At this year's BUFORA event, Ross will be taking a very different view on Rendlesham Forest, after his own encounter there (witnessed by a team of people) and will be showing an incredible photograph of what he believes to be an 'inter-dimensional entity'.
So far, the few people that have seen the picture have been thoroughly baffled and can offer no logical or rational explanation for the strange creature that appears to be above Ross's head. What is stranger, perhaps, is that Ross was describing this exact being to the team before the picture was taken. The picture was then relayed from a digital camera to a laptop in a car at the end of Track 10 in front of the team, so no digital manipulation was possible.
To know more, you will have to come to the conference!
For more details on Ross , visit the following websites:
Ross 'The Hammer' Hemsworth

Closing speech:
Matt Lyons, Chairman:
Matt has been looking into the UFO phenomenon branching out from science and astronomy. He joined BUFORA a few years ago and after becoming an accredited investigator, worked on projects such as the complete magazine archive digitisation and assisting to ensure all BUFORA case files and audio/visual media were preserved and updated from the last 50 years of research and investigation. Matt has appeared on T.V. radio and at UFO conferences and enjoys the multiple skills, teamwork and wide ranging experience, investigations and research that BUFORA has produced and continues to do so.
Your M.C. for the day is John Wickham:

BUFORAs Press and Media officer:
John has been interested in UFOs since childhood. He has been involved with BUFORA since the late 1990s, & in that time has held different roles which include Treasurer and Chairman. He is a BUFORA Accredited UFO investigator & has also been a Paranormal Investigator for about 20 years. He has been an MC on many occasions in the past & is a regular contributor to various BBC Radio and TV programmes.

Supporting committee members and associates:
Mark Easen:
Mark joined BUFORA only a few years ago but had been active with local UFO groups. His background is engineering and enjoys world travel. With his photographic skills developed over many years, Mark has now become BUFORAs leading photographic specialist, in addition to general investigations and his role on the NIC. Mark also instructs with Heather Dixon on the Investigator Training Course and also lectures on photography and UFOs.
Mark will be filming the conference in this special anniversary year.

Dr. John McIntyre, MAsc, MMUEP, Doctor of Metaphysics, Laird of Kincavel
Investigations and research support for delegates.

John has spent over 20 years in the field of investigations; my experience has been within Government departments, the Police Service and the fields of Accident and Private Investigations. I hold a MAsc in the field of Advanced Criminology, A degree in Metaphysics, A certificate in Accident Investigation and a Diploma in Private Investigation.
He is an Accredited Investigator and has been with BUFORA for over 12 months. As well as investigating sighting reports with BUFORA, I also run my own investigations into other areas of the paranormal.
Spacelink books:
Our president, Lionel Beer also runs Spacelink books and he’ll have a large bookstall of new, rare and diverse specialist publications to view purchase. They will include books and magazines across the UFO, folklore and paranormal spectrum. Consistently trading since 1967, this is an opportunity to browse for a very large UFO collection all in one place.
Books by the speakers:
Many of our speakers will have a selection of their published works available to purchase and opportunities will be available to meet them and acquire signed copies of their books.
Please go to the ticketing agent at
This can be accessed via a link from our website.
Rooms/meals/ bookings/parking:
The hotel has many facilities, including health suites and more than one restaurant. Please contact the hotel in advance, although you may wish to also take advantage of the multitude of different restaurants this part of central London has to offer.  Parking is very limited at the hotel if coming by car; there are a number of NCP car parks and similar nearby, with an average day rate around the £20-25 price range.
Please book directly with the hotel if you require a room or any of its other facilities offered.
Transport links:
Kings Cross station in London is served well by the central London Underground system including the tube stations and buses. Gatwick, Heathrow. Stansted and London City airports are all a short travelling distance for longer journeys from the U.K. or further abroad.
For car parking, there are NCP car parks nearby but the hotel only has a very small limited number of spaces. Please ensure you have parking locations noted to minimise inconvenience in locating them once entering this part of London. If you have satellite navigation, this will be very useful for locating the car parks. Current prices range approximately £20-25 per day.
Please note that BUFORA reserves the right to amend speaker schedules or timings in the run up to the event, from which it may be required to engage a new speaker not on the published list. BUFORA will not be liable for any refunds or cancellations to any ticket once purchased. BUFORA does not accept any responsibility for room hire or meals issues (reservation, cancellation or satisfaction) and this will be strictly between the delegate (ticket holder) and hotel in the same way as if not connected to the conference advertised.
BUFORA will provide refund or opportunity to rebook a later venue in the highly unlikely case of cancellation or unavailability of the venue.

The BUFORA committee, February 2012.