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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

David Bryant Nick Pope and structures on the Moon

This is Mason basking in the sea duringa viist to see Brenda Butler. Sadly Mason died at an early age- but he was a sweet dog
These are from the material collected by Stratford upon Avon UFO rsearcher John'Dennis'Llewllyn whom we had the pleasure of meeting some years ago. They show what appears to be a structure on the Moon, natural or otherwise...who knows but there are no doubt some that do....

Spacerocks UK',

I wanted to introduce a charming man, a man of science whose knowledge of the Cosmos, the Astronauts and UFOs is as phenomenal as the man himself, -retired Helicopter Pilot David Bryant. Who is a believer in UFOs having witnessed an example of their activity in 1974 David sells some beautiful highly unusual jewelry on his website, and is much south after for his most excellent lectures. (David shown heresecond right with the frizzy hair talking to Peter Parish who is a friend of Brenda Butler, at Woodbridge Community Hall last year

He has been very supportive of the Haunted Skies Projects and is now with wife Linda is considered by us to be staunch friends Ra
Radio Shropshire broadcast on Sunday night with Nick Pope and I listened to this on Monday night and were pleased that Keith Middleton the presenter brought Nick’s attention to our work. Keith referred to an email I sent him months ago relating to my wish to talk on the Radio Station, which unfortunately never happened due to technical problems. You can imagine I was indeed looking forwards to talking on the show again, after being told by Sue Jamesfrom their network, I would have the opportunity when Nick next came on. Once again this never happened nobody contacted me and asked if I wanted to speak about the UFO subject and Haunted Skies. I have emailed Keith Middleton and asked him if I could have the opportunity of talking asap, as I would like to be able to speak.Ironically I was inudated with requests to talk on the radio stations prior to any books being published! Let’s see if he replies I am sure he will…

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Summer, strange stone, UFOs? and naughty dog!

Saturday What a cracking day that was beautiful blue sky with clouds slowly drifting across The sort of day I always imagine as a backclothe to the Battle of Britain when Spitfies roared overhead chasing Germain bombers during that hot spell in 1940 aka the Battle of Britain headed by Lord Dowding who had his own interest in both spiritual and UFO matters.

Don Ramkin telephoned me yesterday about his forthcoming viist to Rendelsham Forest accompanied by his friend Andre and her husband, Andre (AKA Andy) She has been researching into the events that took place at Rendlesham Forest all those years ago, and has an intelligent and enquiring mind, I think she will do well in hopefully unravelling some of the secrets surrounding this incident. I hope that she experiences a fall of stones in the forest which has happened to me and Dawn on a number of occasions.Good hunting to both of you!

Bob Tibbitts also contacted me he photographed some things in the sky yesterday,birds,insects UFOs. who knows......

Email From Bob Tibbitts
"I was sitting outside on 23-4-11 in the (rare) sunshine! There was a lovely display of the sun behind a cloud giving off 'rays' which I thought I would snap.Got the camera (digital Pentax OptioS 5i set at highest pixel setting) and took some shots of the clouds. Today I transferred them onto the Mac. Looking at them I noticed a black object. Now, remember me saying that I saw something black and travelling against the wind a few days ago? I didn't have time to get camera that time.I think there may be two similar objects in the sky during the time I took those photos.. must have been all taken within a minute or so (I didn't want to loose the shot of the sun's rays)."I attach some of the pics. The other in the sequence were of the cloud zoomed in and so didn't see the part of the sky that the black things were in.I wasn't aware of anything in the sky at the time, not even large birds. No loud sounds either. Just a little wind and noise from the A45. However, there is something there. Take a look.I have circled them in the photos using Photoshop but other than making the pics a little smaller (to email) I haven't done a thing to them.In some pics (if you follow the number sequence of the images) there are two objects.Bob

We have been getting night time visits from a ginger tom cat who has been purrloining Breeze's food, whata wimp that cat is! Abbey came to say with us last night and slept next to Breeze. In the morning the cat had struck again and Abbey had not done a thing to stop it! naughty dog.

Ive more or less completed the tasks that the Publisher has set us for Volume 3 . A copy of Volume 1 and 2 having been sent to Buckingham Palace for the attention of the Duke of Edinburgh. I was recently speaking to Geoff Ambler from Contact UK he told me that he had a book written by Lord Clancarty which was signed 'Philip' yes it was his Royal Highness. Finally can anyone read Japanese please I have two magazine covers with japanes writing on them. I did email 'Toshie' a contact of Peter Robins but not heard any more........................Could always try the Japanese Embassy
I suppose, suffice to say did not manage to contact any UFO group in Japan, perhaps they have their hand busy at the moment!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Good and bad news

I received a copy of UFO Matrix today and was pleased with the review that was given to Volume 2.

However, Steve my son in law went home tonight and found his snake had passed away, it was 15 years old and he was quite upset. Personally I have never been an admirer of snakes, but I felt for Steve, The Snake was buried tonight in their rear garden and prayers said, which is how it always should be. At the moment I am busy trying to sort out some captions for Volume 3 which now covers only two years! But I'm getting there, and hope to include some short interviews from the Astronauts care of my friend David Bryant. So overall I am pleased at the way in which it is going. Today we had quite a storm and plenty of hailstones.

What happened to that beautiful summer we had a few weeks ago? Will this year be a repeat of the last two years cracking good weather in May and crud in July?
Spoke to Kevin Pratt today he has been a very good friend over the years. His UFO sighting will be covered in Volume 3.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Spiderman the little super heroes!

A few days ago I happened to notice what appeared to be a clump of green mould on the side of the green waste bin. Further examination revealed it was a group of baby spiders. The next day the little group had formed into a tight knit group. But why had they done this? For what purpose? Were they cold?

If so what intelligence dictated this course of action? I must admit to beign both puzzled and enthralled to realise there had to be a purpose behind this action. I carefull monitured their progress overa few days period until today - Wednesday - when they had all gone on their seperate ways,to start life afresh! This was a welcome break from the rigours of preparing Volume 3 of Haunted Skies, which is nearing completion.

Talking about supeheros! Emailed Nick Redfern last night about various' bits and bobs' he sent me a photo of a good friend of ours Kevin Goodman who although living in Stourbridge West Midlands is as keen as event to record for posterity the events that took place around Warminster in the 1960/1970's. Of which he has written his own book.

Kevin will be gracing our presence with a talk at the Weird Weekend. Look forward to it, regards to you all out there please let me have your opinions on the 'baby spiders'

Thursday, 19 May 2011

UFO lecture 10th September 2011

Back row from left to right ?? Gordon Creighton and his wife, Tim Good and Ralph Noyes
? ? and Dot Street

This has been a trying day with tow bar being fitted for our future excursion to sunny Devon.
The tow bar is fine, not so the rear exhaust box which fell off or at least rotted off. More expense! Brenda Butler rang me and is hoping that 'Chuck Halt' can come over, but I cant see he is a busy man.

Still no joy with securing the attention of an National newspaper so I've had to resort to go begging to some of my old press contacts hoping that they might be able to help. So far 50 emails and 20 letters but not a proverbial sausage - maybe therE are 'elements' working againt us. But as my old Sunday school teacher used to say Don't let the *astards break you down!

I'm still busy putting the images together for the forthcoming Weird Weekend in August offering a sort of potted history of British UFO sightings, which will include some of Dave Sankey's wonderful images in colour .

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Maude and her birthday plus UFO clipping.

Maudes Birthday today, sad she is no longer with us! We celbrate her life! Here is that look on the face when confronted with a scotch egg, her favourite, always went down the sides with touching!
I am told that you can give dogs a litlle dark chocolate whcih of course they enjoy. But how do you teach them to suck, and now swallow the tidbit whole! One of lifes problems to a dog!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Haunted Skies update

Good news for the publisher who has promised to 'tweak' the Haunted skies website,which will be up and running soon, the domain name is now our Haunted and Haunted my other email address will be

Am hard at it today preparing the Lecture images for the Weird Weekend and the lecture at Pontefract in September 2011 for Philip Mantle at the Matrix Conference, biggest single problem is trying to keep it down to an hour, far to much material! Also trying to sort out the Volume 4 script which will be needed soon. Did everyone see that rubbish in the Sun about a Royal Navy engagement with USO's off Puffin Island and that one of the UFO's crash landed at the Berwyn Mountains! Im not going to discuss this matter any further!
other than to say for gods sake if these ET's can dvelope the technology to cross the vast distances in space to get here why cant they land the last few feet! ( even we can do that)

In addition to this why are they always driven away on flat bed trucks why not a coach! I hope I dont sound to flippant but Im sick of this silliness! The flying saucer season is upon us!

The image above was recovered by a lady that used to run a UFO group in London (from the nasal cavity) some years ago she was followed by the MOD! on a number of occcasions and her post was tampered with, more on this in a future Volume, but we are that UFOs do not exist! I sent this to Derel Simms he sent me some stickers
'say No to aliens'

Its a weird wacky world! Crop marks are from field Withy Lane, Sutton Coldfield 1997

Monday, 16 May 2011

Bunnies,Superwoman,Bananaman, Nigel and UFOs

Well this has been a strange weekend. Dawn found a wee rabbit in the garden and took it over to the nearby park, as Breeze our cat wanted to play with it! Went to my daughters fancy dressparty on Saturday night, here are some pictures of the 'inmates' they included Derek a sweet dog that belongs to Chris( Admiral Hornblower) My daughter is superwoman and no thats not me standing enxt to her! I went as a MIB!

Dear Nigel,

I tried to answer your message that you left me, told the service was unavaialable, more gremlins in the system, so have included letter sent to Janes Police Review today who has decided not to review the two books (free) I sent to him, another load of cash down the swani! But the more they snub me the harder I try! the publication of the books is the way to stick it up em!

Haunted Skies – the real truths behind sightings of UFOs

Dear Sir,

May I take this opportunity to tell the readers about a unique collection of books which catalogue chronologically reports of British UFO sightings going back to the 1940’s produced by myself and partner Dawn Holloway which have received some excellent reviews on the Internet (Haunted Skies 1 1940-1959) Haunted Skies 2 (1960-1965) on sale on line at Amazon.

As a retired CID Officer from the West Midlands Police, I had not the slightest inkling that such objects existed until my son Christopher a P.C from Belgrave Road Birmingham (now a Detective Inspector)contacted me, in January 1995.

Chris: As a result of several 999 calls made to the Police we attended the scene. After interviewing a witness we drove around the area and saw a massive saucer shaped object with a thin rippling red line running through it surrounded by a blue haze, over Stirchley two miles away from where a Doctor had reported seeing it

This was to trigger off an insatiable curiosity to find out for myself whether UFOs existed. Prior to then, I had not the slightest interest and if it hadn’t been Chris I would have questioned the state of their mental health! Over the years I was to receive many reports from Police Officers.

So we decided to write up their experiences believing that it now forms part of our social history, and have condensed them into eleven Volumes! believing that the Public should have the opportunity to see for themselves the real truths which lie behind such reports rather than basing their beliefs on sensationalised UFO stories which continue to be published by the tabloids right up top the present day. We are always wishing to hear from any Officer about their experiences or sightings