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Monday, 23 July 2012

HAUNTED SKIES: Update on Volume 6

It's glorious weather and I’ve taken the opportunity to cut the hedge and do those tedious, but vital chores that one has been patiently waiting to do whilst waiting for the weather to change into Summer!

Dawn is proof reading Volume 7. She is half way through 1979, while I am sorting out the errors on Volume 6 and doing job, indexing and crediting the persons responsible for assisting us - well done to you all out there who have confidence in us and our project. We are close to finishing this Jubilee edition and are hoping to complete the book within the next fortnight, during our next visit to see the publisher. This will then be sent to Her Majesty.

I am really looking forward to doing Volume 8, which covers just one year – 1980 - eleven months of UFO activity, and then the December period. This, of course, relates to the events that took place in Rendlesham Forest. Dawn and I have decided to include Brenda Butler on the front of the book as co-author because of the help that she has provided over the years. We are pleased that Colonel Holt has also sent us a photo of himself and Volume 3, urging people to read the books. We will delay using this photo until Volume 8 and hope to discuss his role further in the events that took place in due course.

Warminster Cradle of Contact
I’m pleased to say that Kevin Goodman’s book is now on sale on Amazon so if anyone wants to know what it was like during those halcyon days of Warminster when all those necks were bent skywards hoping for a glimpse of the ‘thing’ in all its glory, do please buy the book.

Well done Kevin and his co-author Steve Dewey.  I can’t wait to get hold of a copy, and will purchase one from Jon Downes when we go to see him next.    Kevin has been assisting us with the marketing of both his book and Haunted Skies by compiling uploads on You Tube. His latest offering should go up tonight. Great job well done, thanks for the hits! Kevin has also compiled another video to YouTube advertising Haunted Skies Volume 6:

UFOMATRIX is now out. Well done, Jon Downes 

We received an email from Philip Mantle, last night, and we are sorry to hear that he is not in the best of health.   We hope that he makes a recovery from his ailments, and congratulate him on his forthcoming marriage. Philip has on occasion assisted us with various photographs and a foreword for one of the books.

Local News from other groups etc…


On October 4, 1967, a strange event happened in the waters off  Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia. A plane crash? A military exercise gone wrong? Or a UFO?

No one knows for sure, but the Shag Harbour Incident remains Canada's only UFO sighting acknowledged and documented by the Canadian government.

This year marks the 45th Anniversary of the incident.  We will be having our festival on Aug. 3rd and 4th.  Here are the details:  Aug, 3rd - the Centre will open at 9am - 10 am we will have a barbecue - 1pm at the Community hall we will have two locals Laurie Wickens and Havlock Cameron recall their memories.  Havlock was one of the people who saw the object leave the Shag Harbour sound a week later - they will be joined by Chris Styles.  At 3pm we will have a meet and greet time at the Centre for people to speak with Chris.  In the evening we plan a kitchen party. On Sat.  9am we welcome Donald Ledger and Chris Styles to talk on the Shag Harbour story and other maritime UFO's.  There will be a parade at 2pm, our attendant Karmen will do face painting for the kids at the Centre.

For more details see the website  phone no: (902)723-0244

Behind The Paranormal with Paul and Ben Eno  - Saturday September 22, 2012 at 7pm.
Following the successful 30th Anniversary Rendlesham Forest Conference and the Rendlesham Forest 2012 UFO Conference, we would like to announce that on the evening of Saturday September 22nd, 2012 there will be some special guests here in Woodbridge. Paul and Ben Eno of the hugely successful Behind the Paranormal radio show in the US will be making a guest appearance and presentation at a hotel here in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England. We have the location finalised and the time will be approx 7pm until 11pm. There will be an additional special guest also if we can sell all the tickets.
This event will be limited to 35 tickets ONLY. If you would like to attend this event please email with number of tickets required. If we receive confirmation that we can sell all 35 tickets then we will put the tickets up for sale. Tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis upon receipt in date order.The price is £15 per ticket and this includes a full buffet layed on by the hotel.For more information please visit and

The subject of the talk on Sept 22 will be: PAUL & BEN ENO - program description: Woodbridge, 22 Sept 2012
Take a cosmic journey into the paranormal with American radio personalities Paul & Ben Eno, a father-son team with a combined 50 years of experience, whose work has turned upside down our entire understanding of ghosts, UFOs, cryptids and all things bizarre.

The ultimate focus of their presentation today: The true extent of happenings at Rendlesham Forest, including the UFO incidents of 1980, and what they might really mean for this part of England and for humanity.

Paul is a 42-year investigator, award-winning journalist and bestselling author who was expelled from his studies for the priesthood in 1977 because of his early work in the paranormal. Ben, along with being the youngest syndicated broadcaster in America, is a practicing shaman whose abilities have awed even his teacher, a full-blooded Mexican Aztec shaman.

In this interactive presentation, join Paul & Ben on a journey through Paul’s early ghost cases, where the old theories just didn’t add up, all the way to his and Ben’s modern run-ins with “parasites,” alien “grays,” inter-dimensional life forms, secret bases and government agents. The presentation will conclude with a “town hall” style meeting on people’s experiences in the Rendlesham Forest area.

Their radio show, “Behind the Paranormal with Paul & Ben Eno,” airs on the CBS Radio Network in four American cities on Sunday evenings and in the commuter drivetime slot on Mondays in the Boston area on 1240 AM. Between on-air, Internet and podcast media, the show has an estimated 3 million listeners. It has devoted more on-air time (over 30 hours) to the Rendlesham Forest UFO incidents and its eyewitnesses than any other show in the world. Free podcasts of all shows (nearly 400) are available at The show’s motto: “Everything you know is wrong.” Paul and Ben Eno will be in Suffolk on Saturday September 22, 2012 at:

The Grove House Hotel 39 Grove Road Woodbridge IP12 4LGThe talk starts at 7PM.  Tickets are £15 each plus £2 for paypal reservations only to cover their fees and postage.  Entry is strictly ticket only. We accept paypal, cheques and postal orders.

 Questions? call us on 07811 021230 or 01473 423143 or email

From: John []
Sent: 14 June 2012 13:31
To: Wollaton Library
Subject: re Woolaton Park

Dear Library, I am writing up Volume 7 of Haunted Skies which covers some very strange events that took place between 1978 and 1979. I came across details of this incident as below and wanted to know if you had any further information on the incident please. (As I am loathe to accept cases like this on their individual merits.) I presume that you have come across this before (probably to many times)! I also presume that the daily paper covered the story if so may I request a copy please, ....Regards John Hanson
31, Red Lion St Alvechurch, B487LG 0121.445.0340

Location. Wollaton Park Nottingham England Date: October 29 1979 Time: dusk
Several children returning home after playing, heard a sound like a bell and saw coming out of the wooded area about 60 little gnome like men with wrinkled faces and long white beards, they were about 2-foot tall and were riding small bubble-like vehicles. The beings rode over the swamps near the lake and some chased the children towards the gate of the park. Some of the humanoids wore red hats and green pants and seem to be laughing in a peculiar way. The children ran from the area. (Source: Fortean Times GNOMES, some of whom chose to play with the kids some).

Police Officers and the car that vanished
Sometimes amidst the thousands of reports of UFOs seen by us over the years, there are the occasional ones that stick out in your mind. They would include the UFO landing in July 1955,at Bexleyheath Kent ,RAF Pilot James Saladin’s sighting while piloting his Jet fighter, in 1954 the weird events at RAF Alconbury when a leaping man was seen, Jessie Roestenberg's sighting of a craft and its occupants in 1954 the many sightings at Cradle Hill in Warminster during the 1960 and 1970 period.

Another interesting incident which caught our attention took place in October 1971 and was written up by Jenny Randles following investigation by Derek James of UFOIN for Flying Saucer review. ‘The car that disappeared’  

It began innocently enough with a report of a light in the sky seen over the Midlands in August 1971. This was later reported to Derek James. The man concerned told Derek that after having reported the incident (we presume to the MOD) he received a call from the MOD advising him that he had seen the Russian Satellite 408.  This in itself is strange and out of character for the MOD, who were not in the habit of making telephone contact to witnesses unless they judged the sighting worthy of further investigation .

Derek as a matter of routine checked the trajectory of the Cosmos 408 and found that it was over Newfoundland at the time of the sighting and was not even visible from the UK.

At some stage the witness contacted Derek and told him that over several nights running he had seen two strange men parked in a black Jaguar outside his home.  Derek decided to contact a relative of his - a senior officer on the local police force - and informed him about the car acting suspiciously  with the two men in it, wondering if they were keeping observations on a nearby large toy manufacturing business premises, with a view to committing a criminal act at some stage in the near future.    Police observations were set up; in those days they would have involved a plain police car with two plain clothes officers in it watching, rather than the covert technology in use by present day police forces during close watch surveillance. But this was the 1970s!

We are told that the Police kept observations on the Jaguar for two nights running on the 19th and 20th of October 1971   On the third night, the 21st October, the Officers were given the go ahead to arrest the two occupants for questioning at 9.05pm.    The officers got out of their patrol car which was parked on the main road and walked towards the Jaguar car and its occupants. They were about to knock on the window when, 'the car and its two passengers simply disappeared as if they had melted away in front of the eyes of the astonished officers.’

This was, and still is, an amazing case. What a pity we never had the opportunity to talk to the officers, and obtain further information such as, what was the registration number of the car, as presumably somebody must have checked it out on the Central Vehicle Card Index- a long winded process (before Police Computers with links to the PNC were up and running)? The author John Hanson himself remembers an incident in the 1970s when a police vehicle recovered an abandoned motor scooter from the side of the motorway, but was unable to trace the registered owner details for a few days. When they did receive the information he was found to be reported missing. A return visit to the scene found him deceased down an incline at the side of the motorway – nobody thought to look, incredible but true!

Were any photographs taken of the vehicle (unlikely but not impossible)? What happened to the written logs and how as this matter explained away satisfactorily to the senior Officers?What were the descriptions of the occupants of the vehicle? Did they sit in the car all night? What happened to the vehicle after it was driven off? Surely surveillance on this car would have been continued.

Where did it happen, somewhere in the Midlands? Jenny advises us in the original article that none of the names, addresses or the specified location can be published, but that they are on file; even more frustrating - yes we accept the need for confidentiality, but surely the location could have been identified. We tried to trace Mr James but were unsuccessful –likewise a letter sent to Jenny was never answered, but that is assuming she ever received it.

Baby Holly with a copy of volume 2

Richard D Hall with John

Richard D Hall with Dawn

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