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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Haunted Skies Blog July 12th 2012.

Happy Birthday to Dawn, the co-author of Haunted Skies

Dawn and her grandson

We are busy at the moment downloading the MOD files which have been released, and I have to admit that I haven’t even examined the last lot! Still, at least they will be on file and prove a source of assistance to the many other cases that we have on file. I see that the papers have trotted out the old comment about 95% being explained – which in my opinion, based on our research, is ridiculous. If you want to see the files that are never released, read Haunted Skies as they are published, in fact have a sneak preview, you’ve earned it!

Here is an illustration created by David Sankey showing a craft that was sighted over Olton near Birmingham in the 1970s.

From Chris my son (who sighted a UFO in 1995).    (He must be mad at 40years to age to contemplate this)

“Dear All,

In September last year, Holly my daughter was born almost 3 months early. She weighed just 2lbs 5ozs she was very poorly and spent over three months in the special care baby unit (SCBU) at Kettering Hospital. She had lots of problems, including bleeding on her brain, bleeding in her lungs and a pronounced heart murmur.

Of course we could never have anticipated this and found ourselves somewhat bewildered and terribly worried for Holly. What we didn't expect was the SCBU accommodating us within the unit so we could be close to Holly. The thought of leaving her overnight was unbearable. The unit has created a parents’ suite - funded entirely through charitable donations to allow Mums and Dads to be by their baby's side.

We will never forget how kind and compassionate the staff were and I would love to raise some funds for the parents’ suite. I'm therefore intending to trace Holly's steps and run from my house to the SCBU on Sunday the 16th September, a distance of approximately 70 miles. I will be leaving my house at 6am and hope to complete the run in 12 hours. Any help would be amazing, if you could sponsor me I would be so grateful, or you could even run or cycle some of the way with me if you would like! I will publish the route in the next few weeks. Please see the below link to my fundraising site. Kindest regards - Chris, Jo and Holly x x”

Here is some publicity in the local Birmingham Mail this cost us a free volume of Haunted Skies, but we think it’s worth it despite the usual slant on reports such as these.

Haunted skies: The real Truths

Here are some chapter headings from the books ahead..

Chapter 1991 includes: Knitting Needle UFO, Diamond UFO over Great Houghton,
UFOs over Portsmouth UFOs over Kent, UFOs over Essex, UFOs over Nottinghamshire,
UFO over Tawsmead Copse, UFO over Humberside, UFO over East Yorkshire, Wythall
Crop Circle, Close Encounter Wigan, UFO Beckhampton Wilts, UFO over Trowell Notts,
UFO over Teynham Church, Triangular UFO Merseyside,
Chapter 1992 includes: UFO over M18, Flying Saucer over Lyyne, Colchester UFOs, Flying Saucer over Halsetad, UFO over Wiltshire, UFO Honey St Alton Barnes, Strange Encounter, Strange sighting County Durham UFO’s over Gloucestershire, Strange sighting County Durham ,UFOs over Gloucestershire
Chapter 1993 includes:Flying Triangle over Dumbarton, UFO over M58, UFOs over
the South West, UFO over RAF Cosford, Strange object over Derbyshire, Incident at Alton
Barnes Wilts, UFO display Hartclifffe Bristol, Flying Saucer over Bolton, Close Encounter
Swansea, UFO over Rochdale, Triangular UFO over Glastonbury, Flying Saucer over
Middlesex, UFOs over Kent, UFOs over Derbyshire, UFO over Darnall, Followed by a
UFO, UFO over Birmingham,
Chapter 1994 includes:  UFOs over Godmanchester, UFO over Chester,
Triangular UFO over Kettering, UFO over Craigluscar reservoir, UFO over Warwickshire,
UFO over Barnsley Lancashire, UFO display over Woodborough Hill, Close Encounter
Silbury Hill , UFO over Armadale , UFO over Anglesley, UFO over Tuxford, Close Encounter
Swanmore, Followed by a UFO, Incident at Wood Norton Gloucestershire, UFOs’ over
Barnoldswick, Triangular UFO over Essex, Strange lights over Belper.
Chapter January to July 1995 includes: UFO over RAF Bentwaters,
UFO over Birmingham, UFO over Sadleworth Red lights over Norfolk, UFO over
Birmingham, UFO over Buckinghamshire, Triangular UFO Birmingham , Black Triangle over Lancashire, UFO over Alvechurch, UFO display East Sussex, UFO over Basildon, UFO over Binstead Triangular UFO over Walton Pool, UFO over Cheltenham, Ghostly Encounter Bromsgrove, Close Encounter Sowerby Bridge, Flying Triangle over Scunthorpe, UFO over Himley, UFO over Avebury stones Wiltshire, Close Encounter M6
Chapter August December 1995 includes: UFO over Southend-on-Sea, UFO over Muirhead, Lanarkshire, UFO over Birmingham, UFO over Peterborough, ‘Close Encounter’, Cornwall, UFO over Leicestershire, UFO over Staffordshire, ‘UFO Concern’ – The Lord Hill Norton, UFO over Norwich, Triangular UFO over Devon Strange object over Haddenham, UFO display Barnet, Yellow lights over Suffolk, Triangular UFOs over London, Flying Saucer over Portsmouth, UFO over Tipton,Flying Saucer over Wimborne, UFO ground traces? Close Encounter Hampshire, UFO over Gloucestershire, Triangular UFO over Pitlochy, Close Encounter Dorset, UFO’s over Church Stowe, Misty Triangles over golf course, UFOs over Basildon Essex,

But here are some of our files from 1990
UFO over Tipton
Ray Brown with a degree in structural engineering was working for a Backcountry Developer in May 1990, redeveloping wasteland next to the old Tipton gas works, which involved clay capping certain areas where toxic chemicals had built up into unacceptable levels, from strip mining ground worked back in the early part of the 20th Century.

As past of this clean up operation huge concrete floors left over from demolished factory buildings were blasted and then broken up by smashing them with a huge demolition ball operated from a crane, powered not by modern hydraulics but diesel.

For reasons that have never been established, some time during the afternoon, the gib of the crane raised itself, stretching the steel cable until it snapped, causing the gantry to buckle and crush the cab below it, fortunately, nobody was inside this cab at the time.

Ray: "The incident with the crane was totally inexplicable. I cannot understand what forces could have raised the gib up. Something even stranger was to take place when, as I was in the process of leaving the site, at 4.30 p.m., I noticed three objects moving against the wind over Merry Hill. Puzzled by what these objects could be, I stood watching and then realised they were approach­ing the construction site, by which time I could make out what looked like three grey coloured 'spheres' in a triangular formation, rotating as they moved across the sky over nearby fields.

Suddenly they stopped, completely motionless in the air, approximately twenty feet above my head. I stood not knowing what to do. I glanced at my watch to record the time and examined what looked like weathered 'spheres', without any sign of seams or joins. The 'sphere' at the back, making the point of the triangle, moved downwards - now forming three horizontal 'globes'. I sensed that I was being watched, or evaluated, in some way. I moved slightly to one side, so did the objects. I moved the other way and they followed suit, as if copying my actions. I pondered on what to do again, trying to make sense of the situation. I could see that they were real, as they cast a shadow onto the ground. I bent down to pick-up a piece of broken brick to throw at them. In a split second, they vanished in front of me. I scanned the sky and was amazed to see what looked like the heat waves given off by an aircraft shimmering in the sky, moving towards Dudley Castle.”

Ray told us the sighting had lasted seventeen minutes and that he had reported the matter to the Birmingham UFO Society, run by Rob and Marilyn Aldworth, (who was to tragically commit suicide some years later) and that within twenty-four hours of the incident taking place, he began to itch and noticed a strange rash covering most of his body, apart from the face, hands and back. During conversation with him about this rash, he became quite emotional and unbuttoned the front of his shirt, revealing that his arms and chest were covered with red, scaly, patches, diagnosed as Psoriasis - (A condition that can appear anywhere on the skin, usually starting off as small red spots before eventually forming circular or oval patches, fifty to seventy-five millimetres across.)At 10.20pm, the 2nd of June 1990 bright white lights were seen hovering in the sky over Convey by local resident Denise Radley, “It looked like a car head lights they came towards me out of the sky, two big white beams, it sort of hovered for a while then went over the houses and away, we saw a red light behind it, it resembled an upside down saucer, I have never seen an airplanes that hovers like that silently."

Local UFO researcher Ron West confirmed he had received at least six similar reports to this over Canvey on this date. (Source: Ron West East Anglian UFO association/ Somerset Standard Frome 7.6.90 ‘Upside- Down saucer UFO alert’)

Flying saucer over Wimborne
Electrician Graham Dodson was repairing a cable in a field near Wimborne Dorset on the afternoon of 19th of July 1990, when he noticed a bright light similar to the evening star in the blue sky, about 45degress of the horizon which he presumed was sunlight reflecting of an aircraft. Ten minutes later when he looked up again it was still there, curious he went to the car and fetched a pair of binoculars, and looked through, “I was totally astounded to see instead of a bright twinkling object when viewed with the naked eye, a dark round inner core with bright coloured shimmering lights rotating around its outer surface, I felt a shiver move down my spine and thought this was nothing constructed by human hands. I watched it for about 20minutes during which time it never moved, then it did disappearing into the distance very quickly.After the sighting was reported in the local Newspaper by my Boss who I told, I was to receive a lot of ‘stick’ from my friends and colleagues, but I known what I saw.”Air Traffic Control at Bournemouth International Airport, suggested he might have seen a weather balloon or a mirage caused by hot weather as an explanation.(Source: personal interview/ Bournemouth Evening Echo ‘Close Encounter with UFO gives electrician a shock’ 20.7.1990)

Oblong UFO over Stanstead
A UFO described as oblong in shape was sighted by a number of people moving across the sky over Stansted on the evening of 30th June 1990 .One of the seven witnesses was an ex RAF, serviceman out fishing with his uncle by a lake when he spotted something heading towards the airport from the south. “It had an oblong front, was lit up with searchlights, and flat around the back with two red lights to the rear there was no engine noise despite the fact it was just 200 yards away from me, it sat about 10 minutes, then the lights went out and it disappeared”.

An unnamed Police officer who attended and took a statement from the man contacted Stansted Airport about the matter when he learnt from staff there that six other people had reported similar sightings. A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said: "The vast majority of reports we receive are very sketchy and vague. Only a handful of reports in recent years have warranted further investigation and none revealed any evidence of a threat."

On the 19th of July 1990 electrician Graham Dodson from Canford Heath Poole Dorset was fixing electrical wiring at White Hill Farm Wimborne when he saw a, “gleaming ‘disc’ with flashing lights hovering approximately 400ft over Horton.”After several minutes it moved away and became lost from view. (Source: Aetherius Society /Bournemouth Evening Echo 20.7.90 ‘Close encounter with UFO gives electrician a shock’)

UFO over Peterborough
Peterborough pensioners Dorothy Bird (71) and Anne Bingham (84) were outside their home address at Stanground Peterborough on or about the 22nd of July 1990 when they noticed what they took to be brilliant Moon shining in through the windows at 6.45pm, (which could not have been the explanation as the Moon rises in the east )

On going outside they saw an object the size and shape of a big red glowing colander hovering in the sky, five minutes later it disappeared from sight. (Source: Peterborough Evening Telegraph 24.7.90 ‘Pensioners spot glowing red UFO’)

UFO over Surrey
On 25th July 1990 An ‘enormous round shiny craft glistening in the sunlight’ was sighted in the sky next to a power cable by delivery man, Peter Simpson who was dropping off a parcel in Millgreen Road, Mitcham, when he saw the unusual object which then disappeared making a whooshing noise.(Source: Croydon Post Surrey ‘Peters UFO encounter UFO leaves ground traces?)

On the 30th of July 1990 four members of a family from Hopton Great Yarmouth sighted a “red object with a rear light apparently descending over farmland, the following morning a circular impression was found in the grass surrounded by ten equidistant smaller circles” (Source: Ivan W Bunn /David Dane/Eastern Daily Press).

Cylindrical UFO over Hampshire
This would appear to have been the same evening when a,” cylindrical object showing two large red lights at, the top and bottom with an orange light either side of the middle making a heavy laboured noise,” was seen by Porton resident Jane Manning Philips at 10.30pm, who watched it fly over Porton School towards Highpost and then round to Boscombe Down, where it disappeared from view.

An appeal in the local newspaper attracted a reply from Mr. J.V. King who wrote to the Avon Advertiser on the 22nd of August 1990, informing the readers of having seen an identical object at 6.30am at Salisbury in May of that year, described as a ‘glowing red object, seen to move backwards at an amazing speed ‘(Source: The Avon Advertiser Fordingbridge 8.8.90 ‘Did you see it asks Porton Physiotherapist’/personal interview)

Bright orange globe over Norfolk
Five days later on the 4th of August 1990, members of a farming family at Knapton near North Walsham Norfolk was disturbed by dogs barking, and what sounded like a power saw cutting through timber. When they looked outside they saw a bright orange globe covered in lights rotating on its outer edge in the sky. The next morning they discovered the batteries in the tractor to be flat, along with the discovery of circular impressions found in the nearby barley crop. (Source: David Dane/artist/UFO researcher)

‘Three strange lights forming a triangle ‘were seen in the sky over Stainland Yorkshire at 5am 16th of August 1990 by residents Ronald Farrar and his Wife Muriel, (Source: Halifax Courier and Guardian newspaper ‘Lights in the sky’ mystery’ 16.8.90)

UFO over Warminster
Mr T Holloway wrote to us in 2010……….

"Dear Mr. John, Hanson,

Having read your article in the local paper I thought I would pass on to you three "sightings" I have experienced, if they are of any interest to you. The first happened around the time that you are researching, it happened around 10 pm during the summer. I was lying in bed watching the stars in the southern sky towards Westbury/Warminster when appearing from the west was a large orange ball.

Not only was the object the colour of an orange it had the surface covering like an orange[dimpled] It stopped moving and appeared to explode into many smaller balls that flew all over the sky to disappear. The small balls then reappeared and joined together to form, what I would call a dumbbell shape, the shape then changed to an arrowhead shape with rounded corners on the two lower corners with a slight convex between the two points. The shape then changed again into the dumbbell shape and flew off in an upward direction.

The second "sighting" happened about 1990 late in a winter's evening whilst I was walking my dogs. Both dogs were trotting along in front of me when they both stopped, sat on their haunches and looked up, I followed their gaze and saw two large black discs travelling across the sky from west to east. The only reason that I could see them was because they blanked out the stars as they moved across the sky .

The total time it took them to travel from my right horizon to left horizon was about 4-5 seconds. After they had passed my dogs stood up and carried on walking. There was no sound of any description. The third "sighting" was about 2 months ago, reported in The Wiltshire Times. What I saw, in the northern sky, was 4 orange lights, 2 large and 2 small, forming the four corners of a square. The lower of the 2 smaller lights were joined by 2 very small, 1 red 1 blue lights the 2 smaller lights then disappeared followed 2-3 second later by the 2 larger ones. I would like to point out that I am not, for the sake of a better phrase, a UFO "nerd/freak". I try to keep an open mind but feel that so many sightings from so many people all over the world that there might, just might be something. I hope this may be of some use to you."

Close encounter Hampshire
Following an appeal in the local newspaper Steven Beiderman from Fordingbridge Hampshire contacted us with regard to a strange experience which befell him in summer 1990,“At the time I was driving along the B7073 road near Godsill when I saw an object resembling a Victorian sponge cake covered in lights passed overhead making a low buzzing noise heading towards the New Forest.When I arrived home I found out that I was unable to account for two hours, of missing time. when you asked me if I had noticed anything unusual after the event, I cant remember anything specific although during a visit to my optician a few years later he asked me when I had surgery, as he could see scarring on the lens of my eyes presumably to have corrected a vision defect, when I told him I have never had this sort of surgery, he referred me to a Consultant who examined me and was just as baffled as I was when I told I had no knowledge of any surgery on my eyes.”

(Source: personal interview)

UFO over Gloucestershire
John Turvey from Evesham Gloucestershire wrote to us with regard to what he experienced while driving towards Bredon in the Worcestershire area in the summer of 1990.”It was a particularly fine dry evening, at the time when I noticed a curious ‘light’ appearing and disappearing between the trees and hedgerows, as if pacing the car from one side, this went on for several miles, until whatever it was rose up vertically into the sky at tremendous speed, and was soon just a tiny speck of light in the starlit sky’” The next day he eagerly scanned the local newspapers hoping to find other reports of a UFO being seen, there was nothing, when he tried to tell people what he had seen they laughed at him and suggested he had seen a shooting star!

Last but not least……….

Our Apologies to Don and the Guinness Book of Records for using a photograph of that delightful kitten in the previous blog.

From Don an update on the Kittens. Re: previous blog.

"Could you amend one thing for me please , that photo of the kitten isn't MY kitten , it was an email of a 2yr old kitten my friend Ginnette had forwarded to me that’s in the Guinness world records . She knows I’m a true animal & wildlife lover so she sends me all manner of cute , funny , or just plain weird pet or general animal photo's & links , so it was that email that I forwarded onto you , so if you can at your convenience stick a letter T in and change the word his for this.

Talking cats its been a nightmare here as 4 cats went missing for a full 24hrs having disappeared the previous night around 8pm when we last saw them on the neighbour's wall looking into the next street. The following day we thought they might have come through the cat flap during the night but there was no signs of them and naturally you start imagining all kinds of scenarios, but all day on and off we kept calling them and went out looking in gardens locally , then at around 8.07pm one of the silver tabbies appeared in the back garden, then 20mins later we heard meowing and found another tabby out in the front garden, which was a surprise as she's never even seen the front of the house or front garden so how she found her way home that route is a mystery, then the mum appeared in the back garden so we were just missing Smudge Monkey as we call her, and it wasn't until almost midnight that she finally appeared on the fence and took ages to decide to come in for a feed .
We've no idea where they'd been or if they'd been together or what had happened to make them disappear like that , but cats are a real worry. However, you can't restrict or tame a free spirit so I think its time to buy a bottle of Kalms and prepare for the future with these 4."

On the way home the other night we came across this delightful slug and took a photo of it, the coin is a twenty piece which give you an idea of the size, I though it was quite pretty.

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